Android Wear 2.0 has a lot of great ideas in it, but it’s still a mess if you ask me. That hasn’t stopped Google from continually trying to improve on it, though. Now, through its latest update, Google is making a handful of small changes to Android Wear that make things just a bit better.

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If you’ll recall, Google recently added the ability to push updates to Android Wear through its companion app on the Play Store, and today’s collection of updates have all been pushed with the new through that medium.

First and foremost, Google has added a new complication to Android Wear that lets you toss your most recently used app on your watchface. With this, any time you launch an app on Android Wear, it takes up that spot on your watch face. If you commonly launch an app, this could definitely be a handy tool.

Further, as Android Police points out, this update adds a few other changes. For one, there are new network status indicators in the quick settings menu, and download cards now show the progress of a download. Those are pretty basic things, so it’s nice to finally have them added.

Another slight change in this update is dynamic text on cards. In short, this allows text on various notifications to adjust its size based on the message. For example, a shorter message of a couple of words will probably have marginally larger text compared to a small paragraph.

All of these changes are live now with the Android Wear v2.6 app, rolling out now on the Google Play Store. Once updated, your watch should reflect these changes.

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