As Chrome apps reach their end of life, one of Google’s most useful tools is seemingly in jeopardy. Chrome Remote Desktop has been a handy tool over the past few years and now, it’s being brought to the web for easier access.

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First spotted by Chrome Story, Google has opened (potentially earlier than intended) a new web portal for Chrome Remote Desktop. This new portal is clearly in beta, but its purpose is clear. Since Chrome apps are soon to be deprecated completely early next year, this web portal and its accompanying extension replace the app.

Just like with the app, this new web portal has support for accessing a remote device as well as giving remote access to your device. You won’t need to install anything to access another device, but if you want the latter, you’ll need to download a new Chrome extension.

Google hasn’t made any of the documentation or support pages for this new portal available yet, so don’t be surprised if the page goes down before Google makes a proper announcement. It’s also important to remember that you’ll only need to use this web portal if you’re not on Chrome OS, as the app will still be available there.

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