Android Auto is a great way to control multimedia while in the car, but one downside is that not all services support it. This week, TIDAL is picking up compatibility with Google’s car platform.

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TIDAL may not be the biggest music streaming service today, but the Jay-Z-backed, high-fidelity service has a loyal fanbase. With high-quality speakers in a lot of cars today, users of the service will undoubtedly also appreciate being able to easily control their hi-fi tunes from Android Auto’s interface.

No screenshots have been provided to show us exactly what TIDAL’s Android Auto interface will be like, but the blog post describes “My Collection” and “Explore” sections for finding and playing music.

The integration allows TIDAL members to play their favorite music and podcasts directly from their car dashboard. Users can easily access their “My Collection” section that features downloaded content, favorited playlists, albums, tracks, artists and more. When using Android Auto, users can use the “Explore” section that offers a selection of new and top albums, tracks, podcasts as well as specially curated genre playlists.

This integration is now live in the Android version of TIDAL, and should work both on the 400+ cars that support Android Auto, as well as third-party head units and Auto’s on-phone interface as well.

Alongside the Android Auto launch, TIDAL is also bringing an official app to Amazon’s Fire TV which is also available now.

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