While Samsung wasn’t the first to deliver an ambient display function on its smartphones, it may very well have the most feature-rich one on the market with its “Always-On Display.” Now, it’s picking up a new feature that displays GIFs…

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This feature first launched (quietly) on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, and now it’s available as an update on the older Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 devices (via SamMobile).

The idea here is pretty simple. In the settings on your phone, you can adjust the look of your display, and show off a GIF of your choice when the phone is sitting on a table.

Samsung pre-loads several GIFs with this feature including things like swirling lines, animals, and an incredibly happy toaster. However, you can also load up the GIF of your choice from your phone’s storage with this feature. Ideally, the image wouldn’t have a background to maintain the battery life savings of the OLED display (or that Spider-Man GIF, because why not).

How to use GIFs on your Always-On Display

If you’ve got a Galaxy S9, you can access this feature through your Always-On Display settings, while S8 and Note 8 owners will need to update their software to enable it. It’s also worth noting that this requires an update to Android Oreo.

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