Odds are as you’ve been surfing the web today, YouTube has been visited at least a couple of times. If you hit any channel pages and saw an error while loading, don’t worry, it’s not just you. YouTube has been having problems with channel pages all afternoon.

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Confirmed in a tweet earlier this afternoon, YouTube’s channel pages are currently experiencing some problems. The company mentions on the account that channel pages are a common source of internal server errors appearing on the desktop for many users.

The error has apparently been occurring for most of the day, with YouTube acknowledging the problem at 2:27pm EST. The company is working on correcting the problem, but for most users, there shouldn’t be much of a concern. For one, the problem isn’t affecting everyone the same. In our own case, the pages can come back up at times with a refresh of the page, but for others, they are down completely.

It’s important to note, also, that videos themselves are still working properly. The only thing affected here are channels themselves, so users can still view content as they wish.

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