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August 7

Trump signs executive order to ban transactions with Chinese companies ByteDance and Tencent

Following this week’s announcement that TikTok and other Chinese apps like WeChat would be banned from the United States, Donald Trump today signed an executive order to officially ban transactions with Chinese companies ByteDance and Tencent.

July 31

Report: Trump will order ByteDance to sell US TikTok business, Microsoft rumored to be in the mix

News has been building about the US looking into banning TikTok and today that’s come to a head. Reported by Bloomberg, President Trump is ready to force Chinese parent company ByteDance to sell off its US TikTok operations.

July 28

CES 2021 shifts to fully virtual experience after originally planning for in-person event

CES has announced today that it will be going all-digital for its 2021 show. While the idea of an in-person CES for January baffled many amid the pandemic, the organization was previously shooting to hold the event like normal.

July 1

UK regulators could break up Apple and Google’s billion-dollar search engine deal

Regulators around the world are increasing antitrust investigations into Apple. The latest sees the UK government looking into Apple’s deal with Google that makes it the default search engine on its devices in the Safari browser.

How to cancel your YouTube TV subscription

Does the latest YouTube TV price hike have you considering ditching the service? Follow along for how to cancel your YouTube TV subscription as well as pause it if you’d like to think things over.

June 15

[Update: T-Mobile rolls out fix, not DDoS attack] All four major carriers reportedly experiencing network disruptions

What looks like a major outage has hit T-Mobile while Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint this afternoon are also seeing issues. Hundreds of thousands of T-Mobile customers are saying they can’t make calls and texts with some having no Internet connection too. The problems for all four carriers appear to be nationwide.

May 25

Wing’s drone delivery services are booming worldwide

Wing, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, is doing a brisk drone delivery business around the world. The company operates in Australia, Finland, and Virginia in the US, and has seen its deliveries double month after month globally.

May 22

Google will stop building custom AI for Big Oil and Gas

Google announced they would no longer build custom artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms for Big Oil and Gas after Greenpeace released a report this week exposing Silicon Valley’s enablement of the fossil-fuel industry.

April 30

Americans split on use of contact tracing apps powered by Apple/Google API

Americans are divided on whether they would be willing to use coronavirus contact tracing apps powered by the joint Apple/Google API. A Washington Post/University of Maryland poll found an exact 50/50 split between those who would use it and those who wouldn’t.

That’s already less than ideal, but there were three further worrying aspects …

April 28

CNBC details how Apple + Google partnership for COVID-19 contact tracing came to be

A new report from CNBC offers a deep dive into how the contact tracing partnership between Google and Apple came to be. Perhaps most interestingly, the report details the speed at which Apple developed the technology.

April 1

New T-Mobile becomes a reality as the un-carrier and Sprint officially complete merger

After almost two years, T-Mobile and Sprint’s $26 billion merger is now officially a done deal. The result is the “New T-Mobile” that has big aspirations for moving the US wireless market forward.

March 11

Verizon transforms Yahoo into a wireless provider with $40 unlimited plan, no data cap

Verizon purchased Yahoo back in 2017 and it’s been working to turn the company around ever since. That plan involves diversifying Yahoo’s business strategy and the latest development of that is Verizon turning Yahoo into a wireless provider under the name “Yahoo Mobile.”

February 20

Microsoft set to bring its antivirus app to iOS and Android sometime this year

Microsoft launched a preview of its Defender antivirus software for Mac last spring and now the company is preparing to bring the app to iOS and Android something this year. For the mobile versions, it’s unclear exactly how it will work or what features will be available, but the antivirus software for iOS and Android could be more focused on preventing phishing.

February 11

T-Mobile and Sprint merger gets green light from judge, Sprint stock jumps 60%

After T-Mobile and Sprint got approval for their $26 billion merger from the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission, the last major hurdle was a lawsuit looking to block the deal from  Attorneys general from 13 states plus the District of Columbia.

February 4

Facebook gives parents greater oversight over the use of Messenger Kids

Facebook launched Messenger Kids back in 2017, with the aim of allowing parents to ensure that their children aren’t put at risk of inappropriate contact or bullying.

The company today says that it is expanding the parental monitoring tools to provide parents with a better understanding of how their kids are using the app…

January 6

Otterbox launches first anitmicrobial screen protector, coming to Google, Samsung soon

At CES, OtterBox has announced the first glass smartphone screen protector with integrated antimicrobial technology registered with the EPA. The new Amplify Glass screen protector offers protection against scratches and drops as well as germs and is coming to Google and Samsung smartphones after arriving first for iPhone.

December 19, 2019

Adobe Capture for iOS and Android brings full-color vector shapes to mobile, pattern builder for tablets

Adobe has released an update for its Capture app for iOS and Android that brings a new pattern builder tool for tablets and for the first time, the ability to make full-color vector shapes on mobile devices.

November 18, 2019

T-Mobile CEO John Legere to be replaced by COO Mike Sievert in May

As the T-Mobile and Sprint merger deal looks closer to becoming a reality, T-Mobile has announced today that John Legere will be stepping down from his CEO role as COO Mike Sievert will take his place. The change is set to happen in May 2020.

November 12, 2019

Minecraft Earth now available in the US, ‘Mobs in the Park’ in-person events set for NYC, more

Minecraft Earth is the latest title in the highly popular franchise that allows players to leverage augmented reality to collaborate with others in real-time and cover “the entire planet in Minecraft.” While the game has been available in some countries starting last month, it’s now available on iOS and Android in the US.

November 7, 2019

[Update: Now live] T-Mobile plans 10 years of free 5G unlimited service for first responders

T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, announced today that if the merger with Sprint goes through, New T-Mobile will give free 5G unlimited service for 10 years to first responders.

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