Spotify Stories April 15

Spotify update is causing playback and notification issues for some on Android [U: Fixed]

A recent update to the Spotify app for Android has been causing issues, with playback being interrupted or the notification-based controls disappearing.

Update: Spotify has now resolved this issue.

Spotify Stories April 7

While Spotify’s Car Thing device isn’t exactly pointless, it certainly has a narrow use case as we detailed in our recent review. Now, Spotify Car Thing is picking up its first major update with the ability to answer phone calls, control other apps, and more.

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Spotify Stories March 25

We’re all encouraged to keep our hands off of our phones while driving, but as our media shifts from the radio to streaming apps, that becomes just a bit harder. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using Spotify Car Thing to control music on my drives, and while it’s a device full of great ideas, I can’t help but feel it’s somewhat redundant at this point.

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Spotify Stories March 24

Four months after being “retired,” Spotify is letting customers test out a completely overhauled automotive interface called Car Mode.

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Spotify Stories March 14

Music is a core form of entertainment while on the road, but Spotify has been shuffling its car strategy up as of late. Now, just a week after releasing its “Car Thing” hardware to the public, Spotify is pulling support for in-car head units from Pioneer and other brands.

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Spotify Stories March 3

Spotify tests swipe-to-queue gesture on Android a year after saying the feature isn’t ‘on our radar’

It’s not uncommon for Android and iOS versions of the same basic app to have some different features, but Spotify has a long list of basic features that are only in the iOS version. Now, after many users have requested the function on Android, Spotify is testing out a “swipe to queue” feature for its Android app.

Spotify Stories February 22

Spotify has been working on its own car hardware for a while, with “Car Thing” having gone on sale last year for a limited number of interested users. Starting today, though, Spotify Car Thing is available to everyone in the US, just in time for a major update to the product.

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Spotify Stories January 27

Is YouTube Music a viable alternative to Spotify? Here’s what you need to know

If you’re looking for an alternative to Spotify, YouTube Music might be the way to go. Follow this guide to learn what YouTube Music has to offer versus Spotify, how much the membership costs, and how to transfer your songs from Spotify to YouTube Music.

Spotify Stories November 26, 2021

Less than two years ago, Spotify added support for a “Car View” to its mobile app on Android and iOS, which would display a simplified UI while driving. Unfortunately, Spotify is now ending support for that feature.

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Spotify Stories November 18, 2021

Following years of user demand for the feature, Spotify today announced that it would add support for real-time lyrics across its apps, including on Android and Google TV.

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Spotify Stories August 24, 2021

Spotify offline playback is now actively rolling out to Wear OS users

We’ve known for a while that Spotify has been working on offline storage for Wear OS smartwatches, but it’s taken some time to hit everyone’s smartwatches. This week, Spotify is actually rolling out offline support to Wear OS, the company has confirmed.

Spotify Stories August 11, 2021

Smartwatches have long been neglected by Spotify, offering only controls instead of offline listening. Following a launch on Apple Watch earlier this year, Spotify is now rolling out its revamped Wear OS app with support for offline downloads, and it works everywhere.

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Spotify Stories July 28, 2021

Spotify has long been notorious for neglecting its Android app, but it seems the company is finally giving the platform some attention with recent updates. After introducing a new homescreen widget, Spotify is now testing a new in-app miniplayer to match.

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Spotify Stories June 25, 2021

Android 12 puts a new emphasis on widgets, and perhaps just ironically, Spotify is now preparing a brand-new homescreen widget.

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Spotify Stories June 3, 2021

Spotify for Android bug hides playlists downloaded for offline playback from library

Recent updates to Spotify have changed up the library tab in some major ways, most recently with an “Only You” feature. Unfortunately, though, the latest Spotify for Android update appears to hide downloaded playlists from view.

Spotify Stories May 20, 2021

Spotify rolling out new search filters for iOS and Android

Spotify for iOS and Android is getting a little update to make search easier with new filters. The change is coming to both free and Premium subscribers.

Spotify Stories May 18, 2021

Amongst a bevy of Wear OS announcements at Google I/O, Spotify has shared that their smartwatch app is getting enhanced with the ability to download music and podcasts.

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Spotify Stories April 29, 2021

Spotify launches redesigned ‘Your Library’ with new grid view, dynamic filters, more for iOS/Android

Spotify has announced an update today for both iOS and Android that brings a redesigned “Your Library” tab. Changes include a new grid view, dynamic filters, improved sorting, and more to better access all of your music and podcasts in one place.

Spotify Stories April 21, 2021

Spotify has a lot of great features, but one of its best and most unique is Connect, a method of keeping the same listening session synced across all of your devices. Unfortunately, what seems like a bug is breaking Spotify Connect in multiple ways when using Google Assistant or Chromecast devices.

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Spotify Stories March 22, 2021

Spotify updating iOS/Android app home screens with recently played, discover, and podcasts

Last year Spotify brought a redesigned UI to its iOS and Android app home screens. Building on that design, today Spotify announced new features including a section highlighting, personalized recommendations, “Recently Played,” and new and unfinished podcasts.

Spotify Stories March 12, 2021

Spotify brings ‘Group Session’ multi-user controls to Android Automotive on Polestar 2

Launched last year, Spotify “Group Sessions” enable users of the service to come together and control the same playlist from their own devices. Now, Spotify Group Sessions are expanding to Android Auto… at least the in-car version running on Polestar 2.

Spotify Stories February 23, 2021

One of the biggest bonuses with the Spotify mobile app has always been the ability to cast audio from a “free” account to your Google Assistant-powered speakers and Smart Displays. A recent, quietly made change means that this privilege is now only reserved for Premium account holders.

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Spotify Stories February 22, 2021

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world today, and it’s about to add one of the most-requested features — lossless audio quality.

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Spotify Stories December 9, 2020

Spotify is debuting a new feature for playlists this week — the ability to set custom cover images from your Android or iOS smartphone using the official mobile app.

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Spotify Stories December 7, 2020

Spotify for Android is working on local music playback

Streaming music is what most people do nowadays, but local files can help fill in the gaps and pull from a library you spent years curating. Now, Spotify for Android is preparing to finally add support for listening to local music on your phone.

Spotify Stories October 23, 2020

As the death of Google Play Music begins, Spotify is making it a bit easier for Google account holders to sign up. You can now use a Google account login to use Spotify.

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Spotify Stories October 21, 2020

Spotify says adding offline playback to its Wear OS app is ‘virtually impossible’

Google’s Wear OS platform has had a Spotify app for a while, but it’s only ever had the ability to play music on your phone or on connected devices throughout the home. When questioned about why the app can’t store music offline on Wear OS smartwatches, Spotify said it was “impossible.”

Spotify Stories August 27, 2020

Spotify subscribers can redeem a free Google Nest Mini, only in Canada for now

Spotify and Google have been partnering off and on for the past couple of years to give subscribers free Assistant speakers, and that promo is back yet again. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber in Canada, you can get a free Google Nest Mini right now.

Spotify Stories July 27, 2020

Spotify on Windows/Mac desktop finally lets you initiate a Chromecast session

After many, many years, you can now initiate a Chromecast stream from the Spotify app for desktop. You’ve long been able to control Chromecast streams that were initiated from the iOS and Android apps (via Spotify Connect), but now you can initiate those streams directly from your Windows or Mac desktop.

Spotify Stories June 30, 2020

Spotify rolls out real-time lyrics behind YouTube Music, but only in select countries

Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming services on the market today, but it still feels a bit behind the times on certain features. Today, the company has announced that real-time lyrics are coming to Spotify, but only in select regions.

Spotify Stories June 23, 2020

Google, Spotify compile quarantine and ‘summer listening trends’ from Nest devices

Despite the competition on music and lately podcasts, Google and Spotify have a relatively close relationship. The two companies today compiled “Summer Listening Trends” to see how music listening is impacted by the quarantine.

Spotify Stories June 20, 2020

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services available today, but like any other product it can improve to better compete with others. Following in the footsteps of YouTube Music, Spotify is apparently starting to build out a new video player on “Now Playing” UI.

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Spotify Stories May 26, 2020

Spotify ditches 10,000 song limit on ‘Your Library’

Streaming music is probably a part of your daily life at this point, and Spotify is a great service to do that! However, the service has always had one annoying limit that irked many users — a limit of 10,000 songs saved to your library at any given time. Today, Spotify has announced that the limit on “Your Library” is going away.

Spotify Stories April 23, 2020

The best speakers in your home are often the ones attached to your TV and now, Spotify is giving its Android TV app a fresh coat of paint to make it easier to play your music on the big screen.

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Spotify Stories March 10, 2020

Spotify has been making quite a few updates to its mobile apps as of late and, today, the company is announcing an update for the profile picture. Starting today, you can finally update your Spotify profile picture from an Android or iOS device.

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Spotify Stories March 9, 2020

Spotify has been tweaking its mobile app quite a bit recently, and today, the company is announcing a revamp for the first screen you see in its app. Spotify’s “Home” tab is getting a redesign.

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Spotify Stories March 5, 2020

Spotify is apparently working on a new feature for voice commands. In a world of “Hey Google,” “Hey Siri,” and “Alexa,” you’ll now also be adding “Hey Spotify” to the mix.

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Spotify Stories February 27, 2020

Today, Spotify announced a few notable changes to its mobile app and they’re already rolling out for iOS users. Are you an Android user who wants this redesigned Spotify? Well, all they’ll tell us is that it’s “coming soon.”

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Spotify Stories February 19, 2020

Spotify is one of the most-used music streaming platforms out there, and now, it’s finally getting a highly requested feature. After some small rollouts over the past few months, Spotify is adding song lyrics to its Android app, and on iOS, too.

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Spotify Stories February 10, 2020

One of the best parts about the Google Clock app is its ability to play from your favorite music apps when your alarm goes off. Unfortunately, many people using Google Clock are being given a rude reawakening due to an issue with the Spotify app causing alarm music to play again shortly after being dismissed.

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Spotify Stories December 11, 2019

Over the past year, there have been a few promotions to get a free Google Home Mini from Spotify, and now that offer is back on the table. New Spotify subscribers can once again pick up a free Google Home Mini for a limited time.

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Spotify Stories November 18, 2019

One of the most common uses for smart speakers is streaming music, and now Spotify’s experience on Google Assistant is getting an upgrade. Now, if you use Spotify with a Google Assistant device, recommended content is only a voice command away.

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Spotify Stories September 25, 2019

After Hours: New Spotify playlists, MediaTek’s Android TV chipset, more

Some of today’s top stories included more Pixel 4 details, Android 10 Go Edition, and a big Amazon event. Alongside that, though, other stories worth noting include a MediaTek chipset that’s perfect for Android TV devices, some new Spotify playlists, and more.

Spotify Stories September 10, 2019

Spotify for Android recently lost its widget in an update, and some users have been furious about the removal. Today, Spotify confirmed that in a future update, it will bring back the widget.

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Spotify Stories September 9, 2019

After Hours: Spotify notifications, OnePlus TV design, MIUI ads, more

As the Google Nest Hub Max went on sale today, we got even more Pixel 4 leaks and much more. Some of the day’s other stories include teases of the OnePlus TV, Spotify news, a way to turn off ads on Xiaomi’s MIUI, and more.

Spotify Stories August 23, 2019

How to replace the Spotify widget for Android

Spotify for Android lost its homescreen widget in a recent update, much to the chagrin of some longtime users. If you want to replace Spotify for Android’s widget, here are a couple of ways to bring it back.

Spotify Stories August 13, 2019

One differentiating point of Android as a platform is the ability to use widgets on the homescreen. In its latest update, though, Spotify has removed the homescreen widget from its Android app.

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Spotify Stories July 9, 2019

Spotify launches ultra-slim 10 MB Lite Android app in 36 countries

Music streaming platform Spotify has launched a Lite version of its Android app to help those using low-powered devices stream music on poor connections.

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