Spotify Stories March 22

Spotify updating iOS/Android app home screens with recently played, discover, and podcasts

Last year Spotify brought a redesigned UI to its iOS and Android app home screens. Building on that design, today Spotify announced new features including a section highlighting, personalized recommendations, “Recently Played,” and new and unfinished podcasts.

Spotify Stories March 12

Spotify brings ‘Group Session’ multi-user controls to Android Automotive on Polestar 2

Launched last year, Spotify “Group Sessions” enable users of the service to come together and control the same playlist from their own devices. Now, Spotify Group Sessions are expanding to Android Auto… at least the in-car version running on Polestar 2.

Spotify Stories February 23

One of the biggest bonuses with the Spotify mobile app has always been the ability to cast audio from a “free” account to your Google Assistant-powered speakers and Smart Displays. A recent, quietly made change means that this privilege is now only reserved for Premium account holders.

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Spotify Stories February 22

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world today, and it’s about to add one of the most-requested features — lossless audio quality.

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Spotify Stories December 9, 2020

Spotify is debuting a new feature for playlists this week — the ability to set custom cover images from your Android or iOS smartphone using the official mobile app.

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Spotify Stories December 7, 2020

Spotify for Android is working on local music playback

Streaming music is what most people do nowadays, but local files can help fill in the gaps and pull from a library you spent years curating. Now, Spotify for Android is preparing to finally add support for listening to local music on your phone.

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