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Spotify ditches 10,000 song limit on ‘Your Library’

Streaming music is probably a part of your daily life at this point, and Spotify is a great service to do that! However, the service has always had one annoying limit that irked many users — a limit of 10,000 songs saved to your library at any given time. Today, Spotify has announced that the limit on “Your Library” is going away.

Spotify Stories April 23

The best speakers in your home are often the ones attached to your TV and now, Spotify is giving its Android TV app a fresh coat of paint to make it easier to play your music on the big screen.

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Spotify Stories March 10

Spotify has been making quite a few updates to its mobile apps as of late and, today, the company is announcing an update for the profile picture. Starting today, you can finally update your Spotify profile picture from an Android or iOS device.

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Spotify Stories March 9

Spotify has been tweaking its mobile app quite a bit recently, and today, the company is announcing a revamp for the first screen you see in its app. Spotify’s “Home” tab is getting a redesign.

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Spotify Stories March 5

Spotify is apparently working on a new feature for voice commands. In a world of “Hey Google,” “Hey Siri,” and “Alexa,” you’ll now also be adding “Hey Spotify” to the mix.

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Spotify Stories February 27

Today, Spotify announced a few notable changes to its mobile app and they’re already rolling out for iOS users. Are you an Android user who wants this redesigned Spotify? Well, all they’ll tell us is that it’s “coming soon.”

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