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March 2014 - January 2018

Android Wear Stories January 19

With new hardware and software options that continue to get better and better, there’s no time like the present to buy a smartwatch. While iOS users are pretty limited in what they could buy, Android users have too many choices to count. Not sure where to start looking? Let’s go over some of the best options…

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Android Wear Stories January 18

With Android Wear 2.0, Google switched to a new model that allows updates to be delivered through the companion app on the Play Store. Recent months have seen new features and tweaks, with the latest being a new dark theme and improved glanceability for notifications.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Android Wear Stories January 15

Tag Heuer’s $180,000 Android Wear device (mercifully) includes a mechanical watch

The announcement of the Connected Modular 41 was not Tag Heuer’s only Android Wear release today, with the Swiss luxury brand also unveiling an ostentatious, diamond version of the Connected Modular 45.

Android Wear Stories January 14

With the launch of Tag Heuer’s second generation Android Wear device last March, the Swiss watchmaker teased a version for smaller wrists. Today, the luxury brand finally unveiled the Connected Modular 41 with a slightly cheaper starting price and upgraded specs. expand full story

Android Wear Stories January 9

At this point, it might seem as though Android Wear has seen every possible design style known to the world. But now a Danish watchmaker, Skagen, has announced a brand new smartwatch featuring a striking minimalistic design that brings a refreshed look to the wearable platform…

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Over the last several years, Android Wear watches have primarily been big, bulky, and sometimes straight up ugly. With its first attempt at making a touchscreen smartwatch, Kate Spade has put a focus on designing a beautiful wristwatch that women would want to not only want to buy but also wear…

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