The first thing that strikes me is that the US is running out of names for Smartphones quicker than even IP addresses.



The short of it is that the Samsung Galaxy S2, pretty much the most bad ass phone available today, is coming to Sprint, one of the most Android -friendly carriers and will be called the ‘Within’.   They could call it the ‘Edsel’ and this would still be a sweet phone.

Top shelf specs include: 32GB internal storage with SD option. Dual Core processor, 4.27-inch display, 1GB RAM, Gingerbread and of course NFC which should make Google and its Wallet efforts pretty happy.  Engadget said of this device:

It’s the best Android smartphone yet, but more importantly, it might well be the best smartphone, period.

No timetable for launch exists but we know S2s are already running around Europe and Sprint users want to get their hands on this thing.  It would surprise me if this wasn’t out by the end of Summer.

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