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We’re told this campaign will culminate in a Super Bowl advertisement next month.  It’s always entertaining to see the big boys slug it out. expand full story

Samsung Group Stories January 19, 2012


One in 10 South Koreans now own a Galaxy S II smartphone made by Samsung as the company announced that sales of the handset in the 48 million-people country surpassed 5 million units, or more than 10 percent of the country’s population. It took Samsung nine months to hit the milestone since the phone’s release at the end of April 2011.

Strong domestic sales helped Samsung achieve a 53 percent market share for smartphones in South Korean throughout 2011. Japanese business daily The Nikkei said the Galaxy S II is the first handset to sell that many units in the country. In September of last year, Samsung sold 3.5 million Galaxy S II smartphones in South Korea. The 1.2GHz dual-core device comes with a 4.27-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1GB RAM, Android 2.3 and is upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Samsung Group Stories January 16, 2012


It seems with any smartphone announced these days, users are yearning for a white version of the device, and two prime examples are the iPhone and Galaxy S II. Of course, it is not any different when it comes to the newest flagship Ice Cream Sandwich handset out of Google and Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus. Italian publication HD Blog had the chance to photograph the white version of the Galaxy Nexus. As you can see in the gallery below, the back and sides are completely white, while the front keeps the black look. The previous flagship, the Nexus S, follows the same formula.

Specifications for the white version of the Galaxy Nexus will remain the same and still ship in both a 16GB and 32GB version, HD Blog said. The white version will land in Europe (GSM) sometime in the coming weeks. It is not clear if there will also be a white version on Verizon Wireless, but there is always a way to get it in the United States through other channels. Looks good, eh?

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Samsung Group Stories January 11, 2012



Specs and price are similar to past models, but these are much better looking with an aluminum shell and thinner profile.

Perhaps most interesting (and fitting to the mission of Chrome) is the Chrome Box. It is a Mac Mini-looking ChromeOS device with two separate outputs for lots of Web browsing on up to two monitors.  You do not have to worry about losing an Internet connection on the ChromeBox because you are stationary and hard-wired to the Web. This is going to hit more of the target kiosk/corporate environment than the previous models of ChromeBook.  Samsung would not give a price but mentioned the loss of a display and keyboard/trackpad could save customers around $100.

All three hit stores in April, and we will be looking for a demo.

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Samsung Group Stories January 5, 2012


After waiting for months, Sprint customers were finally graced with the white Galaxy S II. Samsung announced the news in a press release today (available after the break), and said the device will be available online and in-stores Jan. 8. The white variant will be priced the same as the black for $199 on a two-year contract. Man, she is gorgeous…

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Samsung Group Stories January 3, 2012


While it has not hit the United States yet, Samsung’s Galaxy Note tabphone has been frolicking around Europe since the fall. Samsung announced last week that sales in Europe have topped 1 million. Sadly, the device still has not seen an official Android 4.0 build from Samsung (as promised), but luckily, developers have worked to fix the dilemma. Maui on the XDA-Developer Forums released an experimental port of Android 4.0 for the Galaxy Note using CyanogenMod 9. Older and more stable versions of CyanogenMod were also used to port Ice Cream Sandwich onto other devices like the Kindle Fire and HP TouchPad.

It is worth noting that this build is unstable. However, if you have a Galaxy Note and are ready to try Ice Cream Sandwich, this might be worth the effort. Current known bugs include the camera not working, unstable BlueTooth, battery usage not working, and MTP mode not working. What does work, however, is Wi-Fi, 3G, touchscreen, and sensors. Go to the XDA-Developer Forums for the full instructions on how to install this port.

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Samsung Group Stories December 29, 2011


Samsung announced on Flickr this evening that the company shipped 1 million Galaxy Note units. The Galaxy Note was announced at IFA 2011 and has seen explosion worldwide, despite not landing in the United States yet. In addition, as background, the Galaxy Note rocks a 5.3-inch form-factor that crosses between a phone and tablet. It is worth noting that Samsung is counting devices shipped to stores, as well as customers. The Galaxy Note should be landing in the U.S. sometime in 2012, and we may even hear more at CES. Check out Samsung’s official announcement after the break. (via The Verge)

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Samsung Group Stories December 19, 2011


Google staffers, also known as Googlers, claim their free Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Google knows how to take care of its employees. According to a Google Plus post by Edu Pereda, a software engineer at Google’s Swiss offices, the company is treating each employee with a customized Galaxy Nexus smartphone for Christmas. 9to5Google learned the United States versions are going to be Verizon.

The Next Web’s Matt Brian explained that the search giant teamed with Samsung to outfit the Galaxy Nexus with a customized back cover depicting many Google Plus and Android icons (see the image below). Hardware specifications remain unchanged, though.

Apparently Google’s London and Zurich operations were both confirmed to have handed out free devices to employees, requiring staff to line up and claim the handsets, as shown in the above photograph.

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Samsung Group Stories December 15, 2011


You probably know by now that Verizon has finally begun selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $299 on a two year plan, or you can grab it for $199 on Amazon now. Early reviews are positive, to say the least. Despite Samsung’s persistent Apple-bashing, mostly poking fun at long lines that form on iPhone launch day, they might not be able to keep it up with BGR reporting lines are already starting to form at Verizon stores in Boston and elsewhere.  And this only 12 hours after the device was officially announced.


There certainly isn’t the frenzy of excitement that usually accompanies a new iPhone or iPad launch, but it’s still a good sign that the Galaxy Nexus might be the first Android device to create somewhat of a cult following similar to Apple’s handsets. We’re sure Samsung isn’t too upset about the lines… Another shot via Phandroid below: expand full story

Samsung Group Stories December 14, 2011


Verizon hasn’t been saying much about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There seems like there has been too many rumored dates to count, and as time ticks by we’re starting to think the Galaxy Nexus launch in the US is going to happen next year — but luckily that’s not the case. In an official statement, Verizon confirmed with Android and Me that the Galaxy Nexus is still on track to launch this year.

The Galaxy Nexus is still on track to launch this year. We will definitely send a press release to announce availability. Feel free to visit to sign up for email alerts to be one of the first to know.

Also adding more fuel to the fire, a mysterious package from Verizon is on the way to our reviewer and will arrive Friday. They won’t say what it is, but you obviously know what we’re hoping for. We’ll keep you posted on the latest.


A software update for T-Mobile’s Galaxy SII is dropping today, bringing several enhancements pertaining to the handset’s battery performance, wireless network issues and Caller ID problems. According to a support page over at the T-Mobile USA web site, an over-the-air firmware update will upgrade the device to Android 2.3.5 (build T989VUVKL1).

The software update will also be available via Kies mini and is not required so you can opt out of the upgrade and continue using the previous software version. The company also tweeted that the white version of the Galaxy SII smartphone is available today via their online store.

According to their Facebook page, “a new white color option that will be available for T-Mobile customers just in time for the holidays”. The carrier also reiterated in the post comments that “we do not have any new information regarding the iPhone coming to T-Mobile”, instead pointing folks to their September 26 blog post on the prospect of T-Mobile iPhone.

The carrier also aired an interesting commercial pitting Apple’s iPhone 4S against HTC’s Amaze 4G in an arcade fight.

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Friendly, amusing, relevant, focused on product features but without offending either camp (Samsung, we’re looking at you). Love the cheap tune, BTW.

From the YouTube description:

The iPhone 4S owner learns the hard way that its new camera can’t hold up to some of the killer camera features on the T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G such as BurstShot, SmartShot panorama and SweepShot.

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Hop on board an American Airlines flight this holiday season and your pilot will be wielding an iPad as a flight bag replacement but you – a first-class passenger –  will be treated with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 to keep you entertained. Keen on bringing balance back to the force, the airliner teamed up with South Korea-based Samsung to offer the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on their premium cabins onboard certain transcontinental flights. Here’s the sales line:

Sit back, relax, and let the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 take you to the movies or catch up on your favorite shows. The new device enables a unique viewing experience, featuring a bold and vibrant LCD, with brilliant colors and crisp definition.

Go past the fold for a list of flights serving some Galaxy Tab in-flight entertainment. expand full story

Samsung Group Stories December 11, 2011


Verizon has still yet to announce a release date for the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus, but apparently a Best Buy store didn’t get that memo. A user posted the following on the Android Central forums:

Went to best buy at 9am in olathe kansas got one all activated everything works fine there was even a post it not that said 12-11

only problem was the best buy computer didn’t have a valid ski, they couldn’t ring it up the manager looked in the system for like 60 min and confirmed it was available today

ended up having the ppm override the system and selling it to me. in the end. i got one me and my buddy.

Hit up your local store to see if you can get lucky! Check out the box after the break:

(Update: AndroidCentral got an unboxing, below as well)

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Samsung Group Stories November 23, 2011


Pictured above: A Series 5 Chromebook by Samsung

Chromebooks are currently being produced only by Samsung and Acer, the former having multiple Series 5 models on offer and the latter just one base model, the AC700. Market source from Asia, however, told DigiTimes today that handset maker HTC could be developing a Chrome OS device of its own:

HTC is evaluating the feasibility of combining the advantages of Chrome OS and Android for use in Internet-access devices, products between tablet PCs and netbooks.

The statement is a bit ambiguous in and of itself. Granted, HTC has been rumored to consider alternative operating systems before, but their mission statement-like video posted on YouTube today is a portrayal of a mobile devices company specialized in phones, tablets and personal digital assistants. There’s no reason as to why HTC wouldn’t evolve its product line and throw notebooks/netbooks into the mix.

However, it’ss a crowded space with slim margins offering little incentive unless you’re Apple. On a final note, the “products between tablet PCs and netbooks” part could mean many things, not necessarily a Chrome OS netbook from HTC. Perhaps an Internet-connected portable media player akin to Apple’s iPod touch or Samsung’s Galaxy Player. It could also be a niche gadget such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note as well as a tablet/netbook hybrid with the capability to boot into Chrome OS or Android.

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An issue with the volume control on the Galaxy Nexus handset spontaneously going to zero plaguing some UK users have been addressed and fixed, Google said in an official statement to The Verge:

We are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible.

This is good news for owners who feared the volume bug was actually a hardware flaw with the device whereas it was actually a software thing. Google will likely squash this bug with a next point Ice Cream Sandwich update delivered over the air. A video clip, included below, outlines the bug which manifests itself as another phone is put near a Galaxy Nexus device, causing it to cycle through the menu in bootloader mode, activated by the volume rocker.


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Samsung Group Stories November 21, 2011


In an interesting move by Google, the company has begun advertising their new Chrome sale right inside of Chrome’s ‘New Tab’ page. The ad, as seen above, says, “Get a Chromebook for the holidays: the computer powered by Chrome.” This comes after Google announced this afternoon a $50 price slash on both their Chromebooks. Things must be really bad in the Chromebook department to push an ad like this..

Am I the only one seeing this?

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Amazon has some truly remarkable phones for free with a plan in its current penny pincher sale.

For the first time ever, AmazonWireless is offering ALL AT&T, Sprint and Verizon phones for a penny. The promotion is live now and runs through 11:59 PM on Cyber Monday (Nov 28th) and only applies to new activations (with a two-year contract).

Additionally, AmazonWireless’ $100 Hotspot Holidays deal can be quite a savings incentive. If you activate the hotspot feature on your new phone at the time of purchase, you will receive a $100 credit. Not a bad way to make some extra spending money for apps…or holiday gifts.

Standouts on each carrier include:

Droid RAZR, Bionic, Incredible 2, X2 and others on Verizon: FREE

Samsung Galaxy SII, Skyrocket and Amaze 4G, Atrix 2 and others on AT&T: FREE

Samsung Galaxy SII Epic Touch, Nexus S, EVO 3D and others on Sprint: FREE

Samsung Group Stories November 13, 2011


In an update on the official Notion Ink blog, Notion Ink’s CEO, Rohan Shravan, shared his thoughts on when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code would become publicly available.

17th is when we are expecting ICS to be finally out with the source, and then you will see whole community (aka TabletRoms) and NI pushing in ROMs with different flavors.

AndroidCentral points out that Rohan has a track record worth taking a look at. It shows that he had successfully predicted the Gingerbread source code release date, something that doesn’t happen by coincidence. The prediction couldn’t have been made without reference. Samsung’s announcement of November 17th availability of the Galaxy Nexus in Europe might just be his reference for this go around.

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Samsung Group Stories November 10, 2011


PhanDroid has posted the side-by-side chart above to compare Verizon’s three new Android offerings: the Motorola Droid RAZR, HTC Rezound, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. As you can see, all three phones are almost dead alike when it comes to specs. The Galaxy Nexus boasts a slightly bigger screen than the Rezound or RAZR, while the Rezound has the speed in-lock with its 1.5 GHz dual core processor. Ugh, the decision is just so hard..

The Galaxy Nexus is lacking when it comes to camera, having a 5-megapixel camera while the other two have 8-megapixel cameras. All three phones do pack Verizon Wireless’s blazing 4G LTE, so network speed won’t make a difference. So which device is for you?

The question is really up in the air right now. We’re currently playing with the RAZR (which lands tomorrow) and Rezound, and will be getting the Galaxy Nexus soon. You can expect our reviews of all three to be up in the coming weeks. At any rate, it really looks like Verizon is dominating as a carrier right now. The carrier is boasting all three of the cutting edge Android phones, along with the iPhone 4S. You definitely know where to shop this holiday.

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Samsung Group Stories November 5, 2011



Verizon has about the sickest lineup of phones we’ve ever seen for the holidays. While it is carrying the iPhone like almost everyone else, it has not one, not two, but three *incredible* flagship Android devices that are all incredible in their own way. We’ve already seen the Droid RAZR and we just got a close look at the Droid Rezound. We know, and Verizon verifies above, that the buttonless Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be showing up before the holidays.

We talked to Verizon at the Rezound event and they told us there wouldn’t be an event for the Galaxy Nexus, at least from Verizon. They said Google would he handing them out to reviewers shortly. From the paperwork above, it looks like Verizon will be the only carrier doling out Nexi for the holidays with the others following in the new year.  The new Android comparison matrix below (via TheDroidGuy):

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Samsung Group Stories November 1, 2011


The Galaxy Nexus could launch the week after Black Friday if a timeline leaked by Droid Life stands to be true. Our first look at Ice Cream Sandwich will reportedly launch with Samsung’s Holiday Portfolio after Black Friday, which is the busiest shopping day of the year. Samsung’s Holiday Portfolio most likely includes the Galaxy S II and various other devices.

Verizon’s holiday lineup is sure to be packed with Samsung’s offerings and Motorola’s new Droid RAZR and Motorola’s portfolio. Oh yeah, there’s the iPhone 4S too!

Samsung Group Stories October 27, 2011


Slashgear did just that.  All of a sudden the 4.65 inch display of the Galaxy Nexus looks very svelte compared to the otherwise gargantuan 5.3 inch Galaxy Note.  The Note coes on sale in Europe next week while the Nexus hits on November 17th.

As for us in the States, we’re expecting an announcement shortly on both.

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Samsung Group Stories October 26, 2011


From via eBay Daily Deal has the Samsung Galaxy SII unlocked phone for $489.99 with free shipping.  That’s the lowest price we could find by about $100.  This 4.3″ screen, dual core Android 2.3.5 smartphone will work on just about any GSM network in the worldwith a SIM card. expand full story

Samsung Group Stories October 21, 2011


Samsung has expanded their tablet lineup by announcing the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus in the United States. The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus’ main differentiator is its ability to act as an extra peripheral in your home theater setup. The Plus ships with the Peel Smart Remote, which works great with the built-in infrared sensor. Specs on the 7.0 Plus include a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 3-megapixel rear-facing camera, 2-megapixel front-facing camera, Android Honeycomb (TouchWiz UI), and 7-inch 1024×600 display. The device also comes in a 16GB or 32GB version.

The Peel Smart Remote application not only acts as a remote for your home setup, but suggests content for you to watch. The Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 is available for $399 on November 13th, and pre-orders will begin October 23rd.

It will be interesting to see how this does in the face of the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire which is priced at $199 but doesn’t have cameras, 16GB RAM or many of the other features of the full Android Tab 7.0.

We’ll have a review by then. Press release after the break:

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Samsung Group Stories October 19, 2011


Now available on Amazon, Samsung’s personal media players the Galaxy Player 4 and Galaxy Player 5 have hit the U.S. The Galaxy Player 4 rocks a 4-inch screen and is available for $229, while the Galaxy Player 5 rocks a 5-inch screen and is available for $269. Both devices are sure to make the perfect Android alternative to the iPod touch. The devices don’t come with a microSD card however, so you better be sure to pick one of those up too.

Check it out!


Matt Cutts has been using ICS on his Nexus S for awhile and recently used the panoramic photo feature to take these pictures.

Now that Ice Cream Sandwich (the newest version of Android) has been revealed, I can tell you that I’ve been testing ICS on my Nexus S.

One feature I love is the panorama mode. I recently did a multi-day hike in Yosemite, and here are a couple panoramic pictures I took with my Nexus S. I can’t wait for the Galaxy Nexus to come out.

I guess it goes without saying that Android 4.0 will work on older Android phones – with buttons- though it isn’t exactly clear how that will work or which phones will make the cut. expand full story

Samsung Group Stories October 18, 2011


You’ve seen the screens and the videos. Now, go get the executive summery and sign up for news. expand full story


Today, we have found a few pictures taken by the upcoming Galaxy Nexus on Picasa. We’ve matched the EXIF data of both images with each other, and then with past leaks which seem to indicate that this is the Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus’ camera has a resolution of 1944×2592 pixels, and matches the photos leaked a couple weeks ago of an Apple Store. Note, that the EXIF data of both images called this device the Galaxy Nexus, not the Nexus Prime.

The first image, as seen after the break, was posted by Picasa user Sammy Fte (Samsung FTE?). The EXIF data of the image matched perfectly and actually looks like a nice picture if you ask us. The resolution was only 1944×2595, only sizing in at about 5MP, a low megapixel camera in comparison to the 8MP camera seen in Samsung’s Galaxy S II and there may be a reason for this. A previous photo found with Galaxy Nexus EXIF data on Picasa had the same 5MP quality and it led us to believe that the camera is the same.  We believe that this certain Picasa user is an employee of Samsung thanks to the name and other photos posted on the account.

As you can see after the break.. expand full story

Samsung Group Stories October 13, 2011


The NYTimes thinks so.

According to numerous music executives, Google is eager to open the store in the next several weeks. It would most likely be connected to Google’s existing cloud service, Music Beta, which lets people back up their songs on remote servers and stream them to mobile phones and other devices, said these executives, who all spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks were private and continuing.

Being able to buy MP3s would be a big hole for Google to fill, but it is having a hard time convincing the music industry that it is genuine about stopping piracy.  It will be interesting to see what concessions Google gives up to get MP3s and how their system will compare to Apple, Amazon and the other vendors.

Maybe they’ll be able to remove that pesky ‘beta’ tag as well.

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Samsung Group Stories October 12, 2011


The Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) will be announced in Hong Kong on October 19th, if a new report from Engadget is true. Both products would be announced by Samsung and Google at AllThingsD’s Asia conference, the report mentions. The Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich were originally scheduled to be announced yesterday, but were delayed out of respect for the passing of Apple’s Steve Jobs.

There have been other rumors floating around that the Nexus Prime will go on sale, on Verizon Wireless, November 3rd. Ice Cream Sandwich would also land that day, too.

Samsung Group Stories October 11, 2011


Update: He’s wrong.  We’ve heard from an impeccable source that Google plans to have invites out “in the next day or so and there is no patent delay.

We reported earlier that Google and Samsung were delaying the release of the new Nexus Prime phone and Android 4.0 “Ice cream Sandwich” out of respect for the passing of Steve Jobs.

“We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing,” the companies said.

But according to often (but not always) correct blogger Eldar Murtazin, there are patent issues at hand which need to be addressed before the devices and OS  ship.  Specifically, Google is slicing out features which may be subject to Apple’s Patents…

See Steve Jobs introducing multi-touch in 2007 below, saying “Boy have we patented it!”.   expand full story

Samsung Group Stories October 10, 2011


PhanDroid reports this evening that the delayed Nexus Prime will launch November 3rd, after a prior announcement. The Nexus Prime’s announcement tomorrow was delayed by Samsung due to the passing of Apple’s Steve Jobs —  as a sign of respect for the innovator.

The Nexus Prime will be the platform the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, will be launched on. We’ve seen a few leaks of ICS revealing a sleeker design. An announcement  of both will be shortly before the launch November 3rd says PhanDroid. Carrier wise, the Nexus Prime will reportedly land on Verizon Wireless. A November 3rd release date makes sense, because of Verizon’s Thursday release schedule.

If PocketNow’s mock-up above is accurate, I think it’s pretty safe to say the iPhone 4S is going to get a run for its money. Here are some rumored specs.

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Samsung Group Stories October 1, 2011


Confirming previous reportsConceivably Tech has uncovered a post that Google Chrome will soon be making its way into Android. A post on the Chromium Message Boards tells us that Android’s version of Chrome will have the same features as the desktop version — tabs, Skia 2D graphics library, and maybe a combined search and website bar?

Sadly, there’s no word on when this new browser will hit.  Now we’re not drawing any conclusions, but perhaps this will be announced at Google’s (and Samsung’s) event October 11th? For those of you who haven’t heard, Samsung and Google are rumored to announce the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich. While this tour didn’t show it, let’s hope Chrome is bundled into ICS. expand full story

Samsung Group Stories September 26, 2011


Announced at IFA this year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has yet to make its way into our hands, most likely due to on going legal battles. Tonight we have good news however; the Galaxy Tab 7.7 passed through the desk of the FCC this afternoon, giving us pretty nice diagrams of the device. There’s no indication of carrier bands in this instance. We’re sure there’s more to come, but in the mean time check out our hands-on of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 after the break:

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Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the Samsung Player at their event this evening. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 features a dual-core processor, 6,100 mAh battery, 8.9-inch Gorilla Glass display, and Android 3.1 w/ TouchWiz. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is available for pre-order right now, and will be shipping October 2nd for $469.

Now to the good stuff: Samsung just unveiled their new personal media player, called the Samsung Player. The Player comes in both a 4-inch and 5-inch version, both featuring Android 2.3.5. The Player 4.0’s specs include a 3.2-megapixel rear-camera, VGA front-camera, and a 4-inch TFT display. The 5-inch version packs similar specs, except, well of course a 5-inch TFT display. Pre-orders begin September 27th, and the device will ship October 16th for $229/$269.

Reviews going up in the coming days, but for now check out some more images after the break:

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Bloomberg reports that Samsung is expecting to sell 5 times as many tablets as it did in 2010.

The company is on track to raise sales of tablet computers by more than five times this year from 2010 as it planned, J.K. Shin, head of Samsung’s mobile-phone division, said at a media briefing in Seoul today.

Samsung said it had sold 2 million Galaxy Tabs (plus a marginal number of Windows 7 Tablets?) as of January 2011.  It had given estimates as low as 1.5 million for the 4th quarter of 2010, the only quarter it sold tablets last year.

That means Samsung believes it can sell 7.5 million – 10 million tablets this year.  Is that good news? expand full story

Samsung Group Stories September 21, 2011


Trying to get in before the October 4th flood perhaps, today AT&T announced their Galaxy S II varient would hit shelves on October 2nd.  We’ve talked extensively about the Galaxy SII here (read).  As a refresher, AT&T’s is closest to the international version with the same 4.3 inch display – contrasted with the 4.5 variety that T-Mobile and Sprint are carrying.  Interestingly, it will also have NFC, which Sprint’s surprisingly doesn’t.  Sprint is a partner in Google’s NFC-based Wallet initiative.

This is an amazing phone but it is interesting that AT&T is squeaking it in before the iPhone announcement.  On the other hand, it says something that AT&T is going with the Galaxy SII moniker rather than something like “Captivate 2”.  It seems like Samsung’s Galalxy S line can stand on its own.  T-Mobile called its 4G Vibrant model the Galaxy S earlier this year so it appears to be a trend. expand full story

Samsung Group Stories September 16, 2011


An anonymous 4chan user has posted their apparent, and detailed, account with the Samsung Nexus Prime. AndroidandMe has condensed the 4chan post down (seen after the break) to just the interesting key points.

The user says that Verizon apparently passed on the Galaxy S II to sign with Samsung to exclusively offering this next phone, which we expect to be called the Prime. Rumored specs for the device: Samsung’s Exynos dual core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz, 1gb RAM, Super AMOLED Plus 4.65 inch 1280×720 HD display, 16gb internal memory (with sd card slot) is 8.8mm thick, metal body and a 2000mAh battery (the same as the new one that’s being released for the Galaxy S II).

The user also says that the device did feature Ice Cream Sandwich, which he calls nice, but that it is version 2.4.1 and not 4.0. Perhaps they’re holding out on Jellybean?

Check out the other juicy details after the break:

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If you are on Sprint and you love huge, beautiful screens on your smartphones, you can pretty much stop reading here and go get yourself the Galaxy S2 varient dubbed the Sprint Epic 4G Touch.  The WiMAX candybar flagship phone is $199 on a 2 year 4G contract or $149 at Amazon.

But if you care about everything else an Android phone has to offer, keep reading, it mostly just keeps getting better…

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Samsung Group Stories September 9, 2011


Well looky here.  After all of the commotion over who is getting the Galaxy S II first in the US (Sprint, really), a regional carrier shows up with a pretty incredible deal.   GCI, who does the HSPA+ version of 4G in the Anchorage Alaska area is already fulfilling orders on the phone for $99 with plan as we wait for Sprint’s version to hit shelves later this week.  Engadget tipsters already have them in hand in fact.

How did they do this?  Well, it looks like they just snapped up some of the international S II version without any mods.  Regional carriers, you win.

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Samsung Group Stories September 4, 2011


[youtube=] (We got a look at the Tab 7.7 before it was pulled)

Apple won a pretty significant victory today in its attempts to block Samsung from selling its iPad competitor products in Germany and in greater Europe.  This week’s IFA show is a CES-like pan-European event which showcases new consumer products from just about everyone except Apple.

Most of the buzz this year however is around two of Samsung’s new products, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Note 5.3.  Both have 1280×800 SuperAMOLED Displays and run Android 3.2 but the Tab falls under the line of products that Apple is trying to block and is currently under a set of injunctions in various parts of the world.

Interestingly, Samsung was originally showing the 7.7 devices to reporters with “not for sale in Germany” stickers attached. However last night, Samsung started removing the devices from the floor and covering up the advertisements like the product never existed (below).

It appears that Apple got Samsung to block the whole Tab line.  The Tab 7.7 is much smaller than the iPad weighing only 334 grams, yet has a higher resolution screen – so it appears that Apple’s injunction is very broad.

Bloomberg reports:

Samsung, Apple’s closest rival in tablet computers, pulled the just-unveiled Galaxy Tab 7.7 out of the IFA consumer- electronics show in Berlin after a Dusseldorf court on Sept. 2 granted Apple’s request to ban sales and marketing of the product, James Chung, a Seoul-based spokesman for Samsung, said by telephone today.

“Samsung respects the court’s decision,” Chung said, adding that the company believes it “severely limits consumer choice in Germany.” Samsung will pursue all available options, including legal action, to defend its intellectual property rights, he said.

It will be interesting to see what direction this goes.  Will Apple be able to successfully block Samsung’s (and others’) tablets for sale across the world? There is some concern that if Apple doesn’t win in these cases, damages to Samsung could be significant.

Images via ThisismyNext, Cross-posted on

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Samsung Group Stories September 1, 2011


While it wasn’t announced on stage at IFA this morning, Samsung has just announced the Galaxy S Wi-Fi this afternoon. The Galaxy S Wi-Fi is packing Android 2.3 on a 3.6-inch screen HVGA display, 1GHz OMAP processor (why not Sammy’s own?), 8GB or 16GB of storage, microSD card slot, GPS, mic for VoIP calls, 2-megapixel shooter, and VGA front-facing camera. As of now, the 3.6-inch is confirmed to go on sale in the U.S. for $229 in early October, but if you’re in the U.S., check out the 4-inch version…but hold up.

We’re hearing reports that Samsung will be announcing the similar 5-inch device before the Holidays this year. We expect the specs to be pretty similar, but obviously a slightly bigger screen.

Check out more pics of the 3.6-inch player after the break: (via Geeky Gadgets)

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Samsung Group Stories August 28, 2011


Samsung is getting into the proprietary messaging format game with a new product called ChatOn it announced today.  The service will roll out on its Bada, Android and even feature phones and will extend to competing platforms like Blackberry and iOS.  The service will run over IP and allow users to send text, images, and hand-written notes, as well as chat in groups and share video clips.

The new service, called ChatON, will be available from October and preinstalled in Samsung’s feature phones as well as smartphones running on its own bada operating system and Google’s Android software, it said.

Samsung’s partner Google has a similar Talk/Voice feature already installed on Android devices so it isn’t immediately clear which will take precedence.  All of these services are collectively eating at the SMS revenue that carriers have been squeezing out of their customers for a decade.  Apple’s iMessage is set to go live with the general release of iOS 5, also likely in October.

Speaking of the iOS maker, Apple was able to successfully block Samsung from releasing it’s ‘modified’ Australian Galaxy Tab in Australia it was reported this evening… expand full story

Samsung Group Stories August 27, 2011


An.droid Life has exclusively leaked the first images of the new Galaxy Tab 7.7, which is expected to be announced at IFA next week. There aren’t many details on the new device, except the fact it uses a 30-pin connector to charge like the Galaxy Tab 1o.1. How can we tell the difference between this and the 10.1? The 7.7 is charging on the side/small panel, while the 10.1 is on the bottom. Also, the device is rumored to be packing a Super AMOLED screen. Only time will tell, so stick with us next week as we cover IFA. Yeah, we’ll be there!

Check out the other shot after the break:

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Samsung Group Stories August 26, 2011


Pocketnow has leaked an exclusive shot of all of Samsung’s Galaxy S II variants on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. You’ll notice both the T-mobile and Sprint versions are rounded, while the AT&T version is square. Besides the shape we don’t see any noticeable differences between the devices (besides the branding of course). You might be thinking, where’s the Verizon version? This week we reported that Verizon wouldn’t be carrying a Galaxy S II variant for the time being, and it was later confirmed by the WSJ.

The Galaxy S II is going to be announced next Monday, maybe along with a few more devices. At any rate you bet we’ll be there to cover the event.. if the weather doesn’t stop us.

Samsung Group Stories August 19, 2011


According to SprintFeed, the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2, dubbed Epic Touch 4G phone will be announced by Samsung on Auguust 29th and released by Sprint two weeks later on September 9th.  But that’s not all…

Here’s what we’ve heard about the August 29th US launch:

Verizon will be a no show.  There are likely still some kinks to be worked out in the LTE version of the Galaxy S 2 which will be announced at a later date.

Sprint’s phone called the Epic Touch 4G or the  will be WiMAX and slightly thicker than the others with a grated plastic backing. 4.5 inch screen 480×800

T-Mobile’s version will also be 4.5 inch screen 480×800 and be the first phone to run on its (theoretical) 42Mb radio network.  It will require a Qualcomm dual-core CPU unlike the other devices which will use Samsung’s own dual core processors.

AT&T’s will be the most similar to the international version at 4.3 inches.

All of them will have the Netflix app ready on launch – only some will have it pre-installed however.

Even these incredible phones pale in comparison to the rumors of a 720P Ice Cream Sandwich phone on the horizon however.

The sickest of them all has to be the I9250 superphone. Probably your next handset, it rocks a monstrous 4.65-inch SuperAMOLED display with native 720p resolution (1280-by-720 pixels), the obligatory five megapixel camera (what, no eight-megapixels?) and Android Ice Cream, the latest and greatest version of Android due for release in the fourth quarter of 2011. expand full story

Samsung Group Stories August 18, 2011


If you’re in the market for a 46-inch or 55-inch Samsung 3D HDTV, this will for sure intrigue you. Samsung and Best Buy are running a promotional deal offering a free Galaxy Tab 10.1 with purchase of 3D HDTV. The 3D goddesses are priced at $1500 and $2000, respectively. The promotion starts this Sunday, running from August 21st to August 27th.

This is a sure way to get the Mom and Pops to start getting interested in Android tablets.. but first they’ll have to them to latch on to the 3D idea. (via TechCrunch) expand full story

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