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Google Stories October 4

The shutdown of Google+ for consumers earlier this year signaled the company’s momentary retreat from social. A new report today suggests that Google wants to buy a TikTok competitor.

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Google has a reputation for killing off its products. So much so, that there are multiple websites dedicated to tracking the company’s murders. At one of its campuses, Google made an actual product graveyard to decorate for Halloween.

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Google Stories October 2

In order to prep the Pixel 4’s Face Unlock system, Google admitted to hiring contractors to scan faces of random people in exchange for gift cards to gather data. Now, a new report reveals that those contractors may have targeted the homeless and tricked college students into handing over their face scans.

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Google Stories September 30

Google hosting Webmaster Conference in Mountain View this November

Google in recent years has worked to better communicate the inner workings of Search. The company this year announced a series of Webmaster Conferences around the world, and one is now coming to Mountain View this November.

Google Stories September 27

Google Doodle celebrates Google’s 21st birthday w/ nostalgic imagery

The idea for the “Google” search engine was hatched back in 1998, or twenty one years ago. The latest Google Doodle celebrates the company’s 21st birthday in a fittingly nostalgic way.

Google Stories September 26

As previously teased, Google is celebrating its birthday this year with a deal on Made by Google products. European Google Stores are marking the 21st anniversary of the company’s founding by discounting products 21%.

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