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Basecamp to testify against Google’s ‘monopoly on internet search’ to Congress

Google is the biggest name in internet search by a long shot and, sometimes, companies have an issue with that. In a Congress hearing Friday, Basecamp is set to testify against Google’s “monopoly on internet search” (via Reuters).

Google Stories Yesterday

Since the start of this week, investors have been waiting for Alphabet to hit a market value of $1 trillion. Google’s parent today joins only three other companies to ever hit that marker.

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Google Stories January 11

Whether it’s from OEMs or carriers, Android has always had a bit of a problem with bloatware. This week, an open letter hit the web with the backing of over 50 privacy organizations pushing Google to take action against bloatware on Android.

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Google Stories January 9

With several billion-user products and the continued pursuit of the next billion, it’s particularly important for Google to build inclusive products that reflect everyone. Google today discussed building inclusive products.

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Google Stories January 6

How to view the data that Google has collected on you

It’s hard to imagine using the internet without at least one of the many services that Google provides, but they do come at a cost. While Google may not charge users directly for the likes of Gmail or Google Docs, they do collect data on users to create value in other ways. So what information is being harvested from you? How can you view your Google data?

Google Stories January 5

CES 2020 kicks off in just a couple of days and the 9to5 team is making their way into Vegas. At LVCC, Google is already setting up another massive outdoor booth for CES 2020 and we got to take a quick sneak peek while things were being set up.

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