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Google Stories Yesterday

Samsung is one of the biggest chipset manufacturers in the world, and according to a report from Korea the company is getting two big new orders, and one of them comes from Google for a chip that tracks body movement.

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Google announced late last year that it planned to purchase Fitbit to bolster its wearable portfolio, but the deal has been under scrutiny from the EU since day one. Several months later, it’s now looking like Google’s Fitbit deal will undergo a full investigation from the European Union.

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Google Stories July 31

There was nearly a Google-branded Flip Video camera before YouTube deal in 2006

Back in the mid-2000s before we all had smartphones in our pocket capable of recording videos, there was the iconic Flip Video camcorder which was often used for recording videos on the fly. Ahead of its YouTube acquisition, Google was apparently in talks to have its own Flip Video camera produced.

Google Stories July 30

Alphabet today announced Q2 2020 earnings with $38.3 billion in revenue. These numbers range from April to June, and includes the impact of COVID-19.

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Google Stories July 29

The House Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law today is hosting a hearing on “Online Platforms and Market Power.” In addition to the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, Sundar Pichai will be testifying about Google’s Search and advertising dominance, as well as antitrust concerns from Congress. Follow along as we highlight the most interesting questions and answers.

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Searches for ‘work-from-home’ jobs surge amid COVID-19, Google offers tip to improve visibility

One unfortunate effect of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in the US, has been the loss of employment for millions of people. Given the current circumstances, many are looking for work-from-home jobs, and now Google is trying to improve the visibility of those positions.

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