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Update: Google has acknowledged that they experienced an issue with the Google Accounts engine which reverted some user’s Google Wi-Fi and OnHub routers to their initial state. Unfortunately, if yours was reset, you will have to set it up again for it to work.

For the last couple of hours, users have been receiving Google account notifications stating that account action was required. If you’re like us, we immediately thought that someone was trying to hack into our emails. Thankfully, Google has now confirmed that they’ve received reports of these incidents but not to worry as it isn’t due to suspicious activity… expand full story

Google Stories February 22

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Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are both fantastic devices, but they aren’t without flaws. Since launch, we’ve seen several issues pop up on the devices, including the speaker and problems with the camera. Google has been able to fix some of those via software updates, but now another issue is popping up ─ random Bluetooth disconnects.

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Oreo has today rolled out a new mobile game — or marketing campaign, depending on how you look at it — called the “Oreo Dunk Challenge”. Essentially, the game uses a variety of mobile web technologies, including some from Google, to let players fling a virtual Oreo across the world for the ultimate dunk into a glass of milk thousands of miles away.

It’s an amusing concept, but it’s all the more interesting when you realize just how much the Mountain View company had to do with its inception…

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Google Stories February 15

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Prepare for a cuteness overload-induced meltdown. Because if this letter (whose veracity has been certified by Business Insider), sent by 7-year old Chloe Bridgewater, doesn’t make you go all “awwwww”, then you’re probably a terrible human being. But the best part of it is still its receiver, who actually got to read it and eventually responded, too…

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Google Stories February 10

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Google Stories February 9

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