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Google Stories January 19

In this week’s top stories: we got an early, leaked look at Android Q with system-wide dark mode, saw Android Pie arrive for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and witnessed a surprise early review of the Google Pixel 3 Lite.

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Google Stories January 17

Google Cloud Functions now supports the Go programming language

Google, like many tech companies, is always looking for more ways to move computing to their cloud. Google Cloud Functions, for example, lets developers use their Python and Node.js code “serverlessly” in the cloud. Google Cloud Functions has now picked up beta support for Google’s own Go programming language.

Google Stories January 10

Google has won an interim victory in the final phase of the long-running ‘right to be forgotten‘ case, indicating that it may not need to censor search results outside EU countries.

The European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled back in 2014 that individuals have a right to require Google to remove sensitive information from search results. It provided a so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ in the case of information relating to private individuals where there is no legitimate public interest in the facts being known …

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Google Stories January 8

Google Chrome needs to have the RAM management issues addressed but it hasn’t really stopped it from being arguably the best browser, even more so when you factor in the power of Chrome Extensions. expand full story

Google Stories January 7

Last year at CES 2018, Google made its first official presence in years with an outdoor booth full of Assistant products, plus ads all over Vegas. For CES 2019, the company is back with a far larger booth, and we’ve got a quick sneak peek as things get set up.

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Google Stories January 5

In this week’s top stories: we got our first look at a leaked Samsung Galaxy S10, discovered that Waymo’s self-driving cars are still managing to incite road rage in Arizona, and looked ahead to the Chromecast setup process becoming mobile-only.

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