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Google Stories December 10

Google today announced its Google Shopping 100, which collates the most trending gifts that have been searched for in the United States — with the Google Home taking the #1 spot in the tech trending list.

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Google Stories December 5

Alphabet-owned DeepMind is widely regarded as the premiere artificial intelligence research lab. Co-founder Mustafa Suleyman announced today that he’s joining Google directly.

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Google Stories December 4

Over the summer, lyric-website Genius accused Google of ripping off its lyric transcriptions to use in Search. Now, Genius is taking Google to court over the matter, with the lawsuit first spotted by the Wall Street Journal.

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Google Stories December 3

Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced this afternoon that current Google CEO Sundar Pichai is also taking on the role of Alphabet chief executive. This is described by the co-founders as a move to simplify management.

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Google Stories December 2

Google joins 70 other companies in calling for US to stay in Paris Agreement

The 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) kicked off today with 70 CEOs and labor unions releasing a joint statement calling for the United States to remain in the Paris Agreement, including Google and other tech leaders.

Google Translate is one of the company’s most popular products, but you may not have ever heard of Translator Toolkit. Unfortunately for those who have been using it, Google Translator Toolkit will be shut down later this week.

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