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A Google engineer recently spoke at a conference and stated that only roughly 10 percent of all Google account holders have enabled two-factor authentication. That is a surprisingly low percentage of users not taking every step possible to protect their Google and email accounts.

Why haven’t you enabled two-step authentication on your Google account?

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Online security is an increasingly big deal in our day-to-day lives, and there are two easy methods of keeping our data secure. First, a strong password, and secondly, two-factor authentication. If used properly, these can do wonders for keeping your online data safe, but so few actually use them as they should…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

SNL awkwardly tries to parody Google, Silicon Valley, and ‘The Simpsons’ [Video]

Halfway through its 43rd season, comedy show Saturday Night Live last night had an interesting sketch that attempted to skewer Google, among other tech industry trends.

Google Stories January 20

dbrand skins are now available for the Google Pixelbook

When it comes to protecting your $1,000+ Google Pixelbook, there aren’t really any options out there other than basic laptop sleeves. While those work great when transporting your Chromebook, it doesn’t add any protection to the glass lid or style when you’re actually using the computer. Thankfully, dbrand, maker of some of the most popular and premium smartphone skins on the market, is now making skins for the Pixelbook…

Google Stories January 18

Yesterday, shortly after Google’s hardware design lead shared images of early Pixel 2 and Pixelbook iterations, a tipster wrote in to tell us that the company had also tested different colored fingerprint sensors and even multi-colored edges. Unfortunately, none of this came to market, and all we got was the orange power button on the panda Pixel 2 XL.

Do you think Google should take what it learned and find ways for customers to customize how the next Pixel smartphone will look?

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Google offering free Pixelbook Pen loops to help keep track of the $100 accessory

One of the only official accessories for the Pixelbook is a Google-made stylus called the Pen. While it’s handy for those who like to draw or hand-write their notes on the Chromebook, there’s no way to attach or store the writing utensil with the Pixelbook. Thankfully, Google is now giving away a loop that sticks onto the Pixelbook that can hold onto the Pen…

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