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An investigation has revealed that Android phones have been collecting and sending location back to Google even when location services are disabled. Google confirmed that it has been doing this since the beginning of 2017, and say that it will end the practice by the end of this month.

Google says that Android phones collect the addresses of nearby cellular towers and transmit the information back to its servers, but claims that the data is ‘never used or stored’ …

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Google Stories Yesterday

Firefox Quantum brought a major update to Mozilla’s browser and it makes a lot of changes for the better. One of those changes is minor, but definitely an improvement — Google is once again the default search engine.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google wants option of building Danish data center next to Apple ‘for same three reasons’

Google has purchased land in Denmark, adjacent to the site of Apple’s second data center in the country. The company said that it wanted to have the option of building its own data center right next door …

Google Stories November 16

How to manually pair the Google Pixel Buds with smartphones, laptops, other devices

Alongside its two flagship smartphones, Google released the Pixel Buds. These Bluetooth headphones, which compete with Apple’s AirPods, are meant to pair with any of the Pixel smartphones or the PixelBook so that they can work with the Assistant. But as they are first and foremost Bluetooth headphones, there is a way to use them with other devices. Here’s how…

How to use Google Pixel Buds to translate foreign languages in real-time

While the Pixel Buds are primarily meant to be used as Bluetooth headphones, Google did include a feature that allows them to translate over 40 different languages in real-time. Here’s how to use it, just as long as it’s paired with a Pixel or Pixel 2

Google Stories November 14

Android Pay arrives in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Slovakia

Google announced today that Android Pay has arrived and will arrive soon in four new countries around the world: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Slovakia.

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