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Google Stories May 24

A tech consultant with extensive experience in China has suggested that the Trump administration’s Huawei trade ban could hurt Google as well as Apple.

Much of the attention to date has been on the risk to Apple’s business, Goldman Sachs yesterday warning that the worst-case scenario for the iPhone maker could be a 29% fall in the company’s global profits …

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Google Stories May 19

Google this evening addressed Huawei users about its decision to cease business with the Chinese company. The Android maker is moving to reassure owners that existing devices will continue to work in the short-term.

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Following a blacklist order last week from US President Trump, Google is reportedly ceasing business with Huawei entirely. According to the report, future Huawei devices won’t have access to any Google services, including the Play Store.

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Google Stories May 16

Over the past two years, Google has been rocked by a number of leaks that revealed plans to re-enter China and executive payout details relating to sexual misconduct. Despite the high-profile and embarrassing nature of these incidents, employee depositions reveal that Google did not investigate the leaks.

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As evidenced by Android and Chromium, Google has long been committed to open source software. The company now wants to foster a similar community for hardware and chip design, particularly open source silicon.

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Google Stories May 14

Google opens Safety Engineering Center in Munich to lead global privacy initiatives

Privacy was a tentpole announcement at I/O 2019 from Incognito Mode for Google Maps and Search to federated learning in Gboard. Sundar Pichai today announced the Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC) in Munich, Germany to lead privacy initiatives around the world.

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