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Google Stories October 21

Back in June, Google announced that the summer wave of incoming engineering interns would focus on open source projects. With COVID-19 conditions mostly unchanged, Google announced today that internships will remain virtual in 2021.

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Google Stories October 20

Following the US Justice Department filing its antitrust case over Google’s search dominance, the company quickly said that the lawsuit was “deeply flawed.” Google has since published a longer defense that challenges the facts laid out by the government and argues that end users choose Search naturally.

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Following reports and rumors for several weeks, the US Justice Department has officially announced an antitrust lawsuit against Google and its search dominance in the United States. The suit is supported by 11 States.

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Google Stories October 16

[Update: Extended] Google’s Fitbit deal to be investigated by EU through January 2021

Google announced late last year that it planned to purchase Fitbit to bolster its wearable portfolio, but the deal has been under scrutiny from the EU since day one. Several months later, it’s now looking like Google’s Fitbit deal will undergo a full investigation from the European Union.

Google Stories October 6

Following an over year-long investigation and Congressional testimony from CEOs in July, the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday published a report on “Competition in Digital Markets.” Google is one of the four companies facing scrutiny for its dominance and antitrust concerns.

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Google Stories September 30

The US DOJ may sue Google over search, advertising dominance

According to a report from Reuters, Google may soon face a lawsuit directly from the US DOJ over its dominance in search and advertising.

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