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A Google Transparency Report designed to reveal who is behind election ads for presidential and congressional candidates is said to be ‘fraught with errors and delays.’ The report was first created for the 2018 midterms.

Even official presidential ad campaigns created by the two main political parties are not always tracked, with some suggesting that if Google can’t even get this right, then there is little hope of it tracking ads being run by foreign states like Russia …

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Google Stories July 17

After stirring up controversy over the past several months, Google has apparently stated to the US Government that it has terminated its Dragonfly search project for the Chinese market.

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Google Stories July 16

Employee who helped lead ‘Google Walkout for Change’ protests to leave company

Meredith Whittaker, the employee who helped lead a number of protests that included the “Google Walkout for Change,” Google’s work with the military, and AI ethical decisions, is leaving the company.

Google Stories July 15

Google kills its Blog Compass blogging tool in less than a year

Another week, another Google service bites the dust, this time in the form of the Blog Compass blog management tool. Google hasn’t hung around, killing the Blog Compass app after just 10 months.

Is there anything worse than needing the restroom and not knowing where to go? Google Maps in India is set to offer the solution of a local restroom locator built directly into the app.

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Google Stories July 11

Shoelace is a hyperlocal social network from Google’s Area 120

You would think that given the failure of Google+ to really leave much of an indelible mark on the internet, Google wouldn’t be too keen to attempt to build another social networking site. How wrong you’d be, as Google’s more “experimental” Area 120 incubator is creating a hyperlocal social network called Shoelace (via TNW).

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