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Google Stories November 8

Over the past two weeks, Google has been grappling with its poor handling of sexual misconduct cases, especially involving senior executives. Following last week’s Google Walkout, management promised changes and today CEO Sundar Pichai announced them in full.

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Google Stories November 7

Google is working on a rebrand of its Nest line of smart home products, according to a source. The discussions are still early, our source warned, and it’s still unclear when such a change would actually see the light of day.

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Google Stories November 5

Since Google has been stepping further into its own hardware, the company has also been hosting its own events to launch new devices. However, at CES last year, the company made its presence felt in a big way with a booth and tons of partner interaction. Now, we’ve discovered that Google CES 2019 plans are on, and the company is doubling down on footprint at the show.

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How to find your voting location using Google

With the US Midterm Elections coming tomorrow, not everyone knows where their designated voting location is. Google is ready to help you make sure your vote is counted by giving you accurate information about your polling place.

Google Stories October 30

Following last week’s publication of a report that tied several high-ranking current and former Google executives to incidents of sexual misconduct, the company’s employees have been organizing in protest. Sundar Pichai today voiced support for the upcoming “women’s walk,” while one Googler named by the New York Times has left.

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Gboard debuted its “Mini” stickers not too long ago with two different packs of stickers available. Today, Google has revealed a new pack of stickers for the Minis collection, this time with an emoji style design.

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