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Google Stories Yesterday

Google sued over allegedly infringing on patents from defunct wearable company Jawbone

Jawbone, which went out of business in 2017, has just risen from the dead, but not for anything good. A mysterious party is now using Jawbone patents to launch lawsuits against Google and Apple.

Google Stories September 21

In a post on The Keyword today, Google has officially announced plans to purchase the St. Johns Terminal property in New York City to build its largest office outside of California, the “Hudson Square” campus.

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Google Stories September 15

Just over a year after being officially announced, Google’s Grace Hopper undersea cable has now officially arrived in Bude, Cornwall, UK.

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Google Stories September 14

South Korea’s regulatory authority, The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), has handed down a ruling and fine regarding Google’s actions with Android, saying that Google’s contract preventing heavier Android skins are an abuse of the company’s dominant market position.

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Google Stories September 13

With the fifth and final beta now available to Pixel owners, Android 12 will be released in the “next few weeks” according to Google. Now, though, we might have some clearer insight into the exact Android 12 release date.

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Google Stories September 9

Google’s next environmental goal after committing to being carbon-free 24/7 worldwide by 2030 is focused on water and replenishing more of it than its offices and data centers use. 

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Google Stories September 3

Google is working with Antmicro on a “Human Presence Sensor” for upcoming Chromebooks, which could be used for face unlock or other long-awaited Chrome OS features.

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Google Stories September 1

After several leaks and our own exclusive reporting, Google announced last month that it would debut its first self-designed smartphone chip in the Pixel 6 series later this year. Apparently, the company’s ambitions don’t stop there. Today, a new report claims that Google is also building chips for future Chromebooks.

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Google Stories August 31

Google delays wide-scale October office return to early 2022

Joining a slew of other companies amid the Delta variant of COVID-19, Google today announced that the vast majority of staff won’t have to return to offices until January 10, 2022. 

Google Stories August 25

Google commits $10 billion to cybersecurity initiatives, including open source funding & training

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and other tech executives today attended the White House Cyber Security Meeting. Google announced that it’s committing $10 billion over the next five years to strengthen and “advance cybersecurity.” 

Google Stories August 19

In newly unredacted court documents from the Epic vs. Google case, a previously unknown program has come to light. Google’s “Premier Device Program” offered Android phone-makers an incentive to exclusively use the Play Store instead of third-party options.

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As Epic Games continues its legal battles with Google and Apple, court documents are revealing a lot of interesting details regarding conversations behind the scenes. Today, an unredacted document sees a claim from Epic Games that, at one point, Google had apparently considered locking down Android’s ability to sideload apps in response to the Fortnite feud.

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Google Stories August 13

Google and Sonos have been engaged in a semi-public feud over the past couple of years, which has seen some legal battles as well. Following a lawsuit started in early 2020, a preliminary ruling has been passed down that accuses Google of infringing on several Sonos patents.

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Google Stories August 10

In a blog post today, Google is announcing several new online tools and changes to its various products that are designed to protect kids under the age of 18. These changes encompass Search, YouTube Kids, and much more.

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Google Stories August 6

Google is currently in the midst of defending itself against a US lawsuit that takes issue with the Play Store requirement to use Google’s in-app billing, which takes a cut of revenue. Recently unsealed court documents have surfaced interesting details regarding Google and Epic Games, including that Google once called sideloading on Android an “awful experience.”

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Google Stories July 28

Sundar Pichai kicked off yesterday’s Alphabet Q2 2021 earnings call by encouraging “everyone to get the vaccine when it’s available to you.” In an internal memo today, the Google CEO announced that vaccinations will be required for employees working at offices.

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Google Stories July 27

Alphabet today announced Q2 2021 earnings with $61.88 billion in revenue. These numbers range from April to June, and reflect an increasing return to normal in some industries.

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Google Stories July 18

Sundar Pichai has historically maintained a low public profile, especially as of late, compared to other tech CEOs. A fascinating interview with the Alphabet/Google CEO by the BBC aired in the UK last week and reveals more than recent talks

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Google Stories July 7

In the US, Google is already subject to advertising and Search complaints. Several US states are now targeting the Google Play Store in a new antitrust lawsuit.

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Google Stories July 1

There are countless Easter eggs hidden throughout Google products, whether they’re online or in various apps. Recently, a new one was discovered within the Google app on iOS that lets you play a pinball/brick breaker game.

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Google Stories June 24

As part of an ongoing partnership, Google and Indian carrier Jio have announced the JioPhone Next. The device may be one of the most affordable Android smartphones ever produced.

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Google Stories June 8

Yesterday, Apple showed off an extensive suite of new software features for iOS, macOS, watchOS, iPadOS, and more. Here’s a rundown of everything Apple showed at WWDC 2021 that was already possible with Google’s apps on Android and Chrome OS.

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Google Stories June 7

Google hit with €220 million by France over ‘abusing’ its dominant position in advertising

As has happened quite a few times in recent memory, Google’s position in the advertising industry is coming back to bite the company a bit. Today, France has issued a fine against Google for “abusing” that position.

Google Stories May 30

It’s fairly well known that Google captures your location data almost constantly and, often, can directly pinpoint your location on both Android and iOS smartphones. According to some uncovered documents, Google once purposefully made it more difficult for Android users to stop this data gathering.

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Google Stories May 26

Google gets approval on multi-billion dollar ‘Downtown West’ campus in San Jose

A plan years in the making is finally ready to break ground. In a city council meeting today, Google was given the needed approval to start on its “Downtown West” campus in San Jose, California.

At the end of 2019, Google Duo and WebRTC creator Justin Uberti became a high-ranking engineer for Stadia. The Google Distinguished Engineer announced today that he was joining Clubhouse, the audio social media app.

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Google and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in the UK have launched a new Career Certificates initiative to help citizens grow their digital skills.

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Google Stories May 25

Russia threatens to slow down Google services in 24 hours over banned content

Reuters reports that Google is facing trouble in Russia this week, as the country has threatened a slowdown of the company’s services unless it deletes content that’s been banned by the government.

Google Stories May 19

At I/O 2021 on Tuesday, Google spent part of the keynote talking about privacy and security. It’s following that up with a prominent “We protect your privacy” message in Gmail and Google Photos.

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Google Stories May 18

Last year, Google pledged to use carbon-free energy 24/7 by 2030 as its “biggest sustainability moonshot yet.” To meet that goal, Google said it would leverage new technologies and at I/O 2021 announced a “next-generation geothermal project.”

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Google Assistant is pretty much the name of the game when it comes to understanding natural language, and if Google’s latest breakthrough is any indication, the future is even brighter, thanks to “LaMDA.”

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Well, we missed out on Google I/O 2020, but now it’s finally time for Google I/O 2021. While not in person, the annual developer festival in Mountain View, California has returned. The Google I/O 2021 Keynote kicks off at 10am PT/1pm ET, so read on for quick links to our roundup coverage over the last few weeks, some hot takes, and all the latest news about Assistant, Android 12, and ‘Material NEXT’, among many other things.

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Google Stories May 13

Google may be blocked from selling smart speakers, YouTube Music in Germany

The tech behind Chromecast, once known as Google Cast, is available in everything from TVs to soundbars and speakers from variety of different brands. As a result of an ongoing lawsuit with Sonos, though, Google may soon need to stop selling smart speakers and other cast devices in Germany.

Google Stories May 10

This week, a feud between Google and Roku boiled over to the point where the YouTube TV app was removed from the Roku platform. This story is still developing, but as it stands today, we’ve heard stories from both sides, so let’s try to summarize everything that’s happened so far.

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Google Stories May 5

Google allowing more employees to WFH permanently, expects most will return to campus

Google prefers that employees work in an office as part of a long-held belief that physical interactions spur new ideas and solutions. As such, it planned on a “flexible workweek” after COVID-19 passed, but some were upset, and Google has reversed course to provide an option for permanent work from home (WFH). 

Google Stories April 30

Despite being one of the first to embrace remote work, Google is adamant about getting its employees back in the office. This hybrid, “flexible workweek” is part of the company’s belief that in-person — and often unplanned — interactions spur new ideas and solutions. Google today shared its plan for post-pandemic offices. 

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An ongoing feud between Google and Roku hit a new level this morning as YouTube TV left the platform, but now Google is speaking on its side of the story, and, well, it’s clear Roku isn’t as innocent as many thought.

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Google Stories April 28

If you’re like me, the vaccine shot in your arm means you’re looking into finally taking a trip after staying locked down for a year. To help you travel safely and in line with local guidelines, Google will now send you alerts regarding pandemic-related restrictions at your destination along with other handy travel tools for the COVID era.

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Google Stories April 21

Google UK pokes fun at Super League with cheeky Gmail undo tweet

On Sunday, the European Super League was announced by some of the largest soccer/football clubs in England, Italy, and Spain. A mere three days later, it’s on the verge of collapse after intense criticism. Google UK today sent a very cheeky tweet about the situation in the form of a tip about how to undo Super League-class messes messages in Gmail.

Google Stories April 19

At the start of last month, Google started to release new iOS versions of the YouTube family of applications following a long, unspecified pause. Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and other apps were updated today in a seeming return to normal for iPhone and iPad owners. 

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Google Stories April 15

Google now showing COVID-19 vaccination locations in 6 countries, funding 250,000 shots

As the COVID-19 vaccination rollout continues, Google today announced a number of additional efforts to help achieve distribution equity worldwide, like surfacing locations in Maps and Search. The philanthropic arm is making several donations to increase access in the US and abroad.

Google Stories April 6

Google appoints new Assistant, News/Discover, Search, and Payments/NBU leads

In June, Google appointed one senior vice president to oversee Search, Ads, and other big products. Prabhakar Raghavan today named new executives to lead Google Assistant and a handful of other teams.

Google Stories April 5

Perhaps in an effort to bolster future Pixel Buds or AR products, Google recently acquired Dysonics, a 3D audio startup.

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In 2019, Google asked the Supreme Court to review Oracle’s long-running lawsuit over whether Android’s usage of Java was fair use. The Supreme Court this morning sided with Google and overturned Oracle’s win following a lower court ruling three years ago.

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Google Stories March 31

Last year, for the safety of their workers, Google shifted to work from home, closing their offices across the United States. With the ongoing rollout of vaccines in the US, Google is now looking likely to begin returning to working in-person and in-office.

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Many in the industry pulled the plug on April Fools’ Day pranks in 2020 as tension from the emerging COVID-19 pandemic was high, Google included. Now, for the second year in a row, Google is skipping April Fools’ Day 2021.

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Google Stories March 29

Google and T-Mobile today announced a big partnership that sees the carrier promote key services like RCS, Google One, and YouTube TV, as well as the Pixel line.

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Google Stories March 25

‘Greatest product of all time’ bracket: Google Search beats Windows in finals [Updated]

Over the past few weeks, Morning Brew on Twitter has been running a fun and seasonally appropriate “Greatest product of all time” bracket where Google apps have dominated. It’s now coming to a close with today’s quarterfinals seeing Google Search, Maps, and YouTube.

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