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Google Stories September 16

GOOG: 920.29


In this week’s top stories: We take a look at how Apple’s take on the bezel-less UI with the new iPhone X is inferior to Android’s take, we exclusively reveal Bose’s new headphones with Google Assistant built in, and benchmarks for the iPhone X unfortunately beat all the best Android phones. expand full story

Google Stories September 15

GOOG: 920.29


Quite a few things happened in 1997. Titanic won 11 Oscars, WebMD went online for the first time, The Spice Girls had a number one hit, and yours truly was born. However, bigger than all of these things, the domain “” was officially registered.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Stories September 14

GOOG: 925.00


Last year Google said that we would “remember” October 4th for the debut of the Pixel, and now, just under a year later we’re highly anticipating version 2. Last night a billboard quietly revealed the possible launch of the Pixel 2 on the original’s anniversary, and now Google has officially confirmed just that.

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Google Stories September 12

GOOG: 932.07


Apple wrapped up its annual fall event earlier today and introduced new hardware products, software features, and promotions for some of its services. While some things like wireless charging in the smartphones and 4K streaming boxes aren’t new when compared to the world of Android and Google, Apple did introduce new items that might make outsiders jealous.

What things introduced by Apple today do you wish would either come to Android or Google?

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Google Stories September 11

GOOG: 929.08


Over the last month or so, we’ve seen an increase in the number of references to Bisto within Google’s applications. These references have shown us the potential internal code names for the different models being developed as well as photos of possible form factors and features.

What sorts of features do you hope Google brings to the ‘Bisto’ smart headphones?

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Google Stories September 7

GOOG: 935.95


HTC and Google have a relationship that has spanned several years with the smartphone manufacturer building some of the first Android phones (G1), even collaborating with Google on the original Nexus. HTC quickly gained traction in the smartphone industry and was a big player in it for quite some time, but in the past couple of years, the company has lost major market share to its competitors. Now, rumors are floating around that Google might end up buying the company. This just a few years after Google sold off Moto to Lenovo, likely to keep Samsung in its stable.

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