Google Flight search results now include “Happiness Factors”

Google today has announced a new partnership with Routehappy that adds more detailedĀ information to Google’s Flight service. As part of the partnership, Google Flights will show what Routehappy calls “Happiness Factors,” which include things such as legroom availability, in-seat power, and WiFi.

Routehappy calls the information it sources “Flightpad” and claims that it is the most comprehensive and accurate database for flight information.

Routehappy researches and verifies flight amenities by aircraft, cabin, schedule, and route on a constant basis from hundreds of disparate sources to create Flightpad, the most comprehensive, accurate comparable product attribute dataset for flights worldwide. Flightmatch is a set of powerful and intelligent algorithms that dynamically match and score Happiness Factors, duration, and ratings for billions of possible flight combinations

The information will start to appear now in Google Flights results. You can view them yourself on the Google Flights site now.