Google Flights Stories August 8, 2019

Google Flights makes it easy to search available flights for your next trip, and now the service is adding price protection for a limited time. With a Google Flights price guarantee, you’ll be refunded the difference if your fare drops.

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Google Flights Stories March 7, 2019

Google Flights on desktop web updated with Google Material Theme

Travel is one category that Google in recent years has heavily invested in with new tools and machine learning-powered resources. Google Flights is both a Search tool and dedicated site, with the latter recently gaining a Material Theme redesign on the web.

Google Flights Stories December 17, 2018

One area where Google applied machine learning is flight delay predictions in Search. After launching earlier this year on the web, Google Assistant will now show predicted flight delays and soon provide proactive notification alerts on your phone.

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Google Flights Stories August 27, 2018

Google Flights & Hotel Search add price insights to tell if you’re booking a good holiday deal

Google Search has a number of built-in travel features with machine learning often applied to find the cheapest tickets and hotel rates. To encourage people to book plans for the holiday season ahead of time, Google is rolling out a number of features to Hotel Search and Google Flights.

Google Flights Stories February 6, 2018

Google Search updates hotel lookup features and integrates into Flights

In recent months, Google’s travel features have received frequent updates and added tools that predict flight delays, track hotel prices, and more. Today, in the latest round of new features, Google is aiming to improve hotel lookup and booking, while Google Flights now integrates existing functionality.

Google Flights Stories January 31, 2018

Booking a flight can be a pain, especially when the fine details aren’t clear. To make things easier, Google is updating its Flights tool to make it clear what you’ll be getting with a ticket, and it’s even going to start predicting delays on flights.

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