Search engine optimization Stories December 26, 2013


rapgeniusRapGenius, a popular lyrical website that recently earned $15 million in venture fund capital is now firmly in the sights of Google’s webspam team. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team says his company is investigating RapGenius for attempting to improve its position on search result pages by scamming links.¬†RapGenius, a business highly dependent on search engine traffic could suffer severely if Google decides to take permanent action against the site.

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Search engine optimization Stories January 2, 2012

Google’s way of spreading the word about Chrome might go against company policies

SEO Books (via Search Engine Land) discovered today that a Google search for “This post is sponsored by Google” reveals that Google may be sponsoring over 400 pages worth of publications who have written about Google Chrome. This is interesting, because Google has never allowed paid links inside their search results. The discovery has not […]

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