Twitter Stories January 27

Android users can ask for help from Google using #AndroidHelp on Twitter

For novice users, there’s a lot about Android that could be confusing and, as with all tech, things sometimes go wrong too. In an effort to help a few more of its Android users, Google is introducing a new hashtag on Twitter.

Twitter Stories January 22

[Update: Fixed] Latest Twitter for Android update crashing immediately on launch

Given A/B tests and multiple release channels, bugs in major apps are a relatively rare occurrence today. That said, some issues do still slip through with Twitter for Android crashing immediately on launch after its latest update.

Twitter Stories January 15

Twitter is preparing pinned lists for Android

Twitter seems to be constantly testing out new features for its platform, and sadly, an edit button still isn’t one of them. Recently, though, we’ve been able to dig into what Twitter’s working on, which includes pinned lists coming to the Android app.

Twitter Stories December 20, 2019

Twitter today began emailing Android users about a security issue that “could have compromised” accounts. Fixed several weeks ago, there’s no “evidence that this was exploited,” but the company is encouraging all to update.

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Twitter Stories October 22, 2019

Since the unveiling of Android 10, dark mode has been one of the most hotly requested features for almost every app. As of today, Twitter is finally rolling out their AMOLED-black “Lights Out” dark mode on Android, but you might need a trick to enable it.

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Twitter Stories October 18, 2019

In recent months, Twitter has been working on a handful of redesigns for its various platforms, and that includes an all-black dark mode for mobile devices. Android users haven’t been able to get access to Twitter’s “Lights Out” mode, but that will apparently change in September.

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