Twitter Stories June 13

Twitter has announced a host of new features that it says will make it easier to discover ongoing news and events. In a blog post, the company outlined improvements to Moments, personalized news and events notifications, and more.

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Twitter Stories May 22

Twitter is killing its Android TV app that didn’t even let you tweet

Fun fact: Twitter has an Android TV app. Or, it had an Android TV app.

Debuted alongside counterparts on other platforms, Twitter’s big screen app has been available for a couple of years at this point, and today, the company has announced it’s being discontinued.

Twitter Stories May 21

Emoji has become a core part of how we communicate on mobile devices today, but there’s a pretty big issue with compatibility at times. Today, Twitter is implementing a change that it hopes will fix emoji on Android, and it’s all because OEMs aren’t updating devices fast enough.

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Twitter Stories May 16

Twitter crowdsourcing action against ‘unhealthy tweets’ which don’t violate policies

Twitter currently uses a combination of human review and AI to identify problematic tweets. Where a tweet violates the company’s policies, it is removed.

But the company is now aiming to use an innovative approach to dealing with tweets which don’t technically break the rules but are ‘unhealthy’ or detract from the conversation …

Twitter Stories May 8

Twitter appears to be working on supporting encrypted direct messages, with a feature currently labelled Secret Conversations. A computer science student spotted code which supports the use of end-to-end encryption …

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Twitter Stories May 3

Twitter today has detailed an internal bug that saw passwords be stored in an internal unmasked log. While Twitter says that it sees no signs of breach or misuse, it’s recommending that users “consider changing” their passwords…

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