Twitter Stories May 4

In the midst of its big Elon Musk shakeup, Twitter is still working on new features. This week, Twitter for Android has revealed support for adding both pictures and videos to the same tweet, hints at tweet “awards,” and more.

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Twitter Stories May 3

Twitter has recently announced that it’s adding a new feature for users who want to share tweets privately with others. The new feature is called “Circles” and seems awfully reminiscent of what Google+ had to offer, back in the day.

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Twitter Stories April 27

How to delete your Twitter account on Android

Say goodbye and delete your Twitter account. At least for now.

Twitter has had its ups and downs in recent years, and though no one really knows for sure what’s to come of its new ownership, there are reasons you might want to exit. This guide will explain how to delete your Twitter account on Android so you can move on to bigger and better things.

Twitter Stories April 23

This is probably what Twitter’s long-awaited edit button will look like on Android [Updated]

The community of Twitter has been asking for the ability to edit typos and other errors in tweets for years, and finally the social network confirmed an edit button was coming. Now, we’ve been able to uncover an early look.

Twitter Stories April 14

Elon Musk started by tweeting out  – if not demanding – Twitter feature requests/changes in a truly remarkable moment for technology and corporate governance. This led to a rejected board seat and this morning’s acquisition attempt, complete with “Plan B” if/when the board rejects. Decrees-by-tweet and hostile takeovers cannot be a sustainable way to run a product, and these events play into my long-held belief that Google should have bought Twitter years ago. It would have certainly been a more orthodox turn of events compared to what’s going to play out very publicly over the coming weeks. 

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Twitter Stories March 16

Twitter set to fix slow video upload and processing issues on Android

Twitter has acknowledged the issues surrounding video uploads and the associated processing on Android and has confirmed that a fix is coming.

Twitter Stories February 25

Twitter dove into the subscription business last year with the launch of Twitter Blue, a pretty cheap monthly subscription that offers a few additional features for the service. Now, months after iOS, Twitter Blue is finally gaining the ability to change the look of the Twitter app’s homescreen icon.

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Twitter Stories January 20

Twitter Communities arrive on Android, months behind iOS and the web

Over the past couple of years, Twitter has been trying out new methods of interacting with followers, including Spaces and more tweet controls. Last year, the social network launched “Twitter Communities,” and now the feature is finally making its way to Android.

Twitter Stories January 14

After a limited beta for iOS users, Twitter is now rolling out recording and replay support to all Spaces users on Android.

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Twitter Stories November 18, 2021

Last year, Google announced that Search’s Top Stories carousel will no longer require a website to adopt Accelerated Mobile Pages in order to appear. The move away from AMP continues as Twitter for Android and iOS now just open the regular version of mobile webpages. 

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Twitter Stories October 12, 2021

Android has supported a native dark theme for its past couple of releases, but it’s taken time for some apps to adopt the feature. Twitter has had a dark theme for ages, but it’s always ignored the system theme on Android. Now, that’s finally changing.

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Twitter Stories July 19, 2021

Twitter Beta now lets you log in with your Google Account

After initially being spotted in testing, the latest Twitter beta update for Android now lets you log in using a connected Google Account.

Twitter Stories July 5, 2021

Twitter appears to be on board with Google’s FLoC initiative

To say that FLoC, a technology built by Google to replace third-party cookies, has been controversial is almost an understatement. Many tech companies have spoken out against or deliberately avoided the tech, but it seems that Twitter may be on board with FLoC.

Twitter Stories June 25, 2021

Twitter may soon let you connect your Google Account

Twitter is working to make it possible to sign in to your account through a connected Google Account.

Twitter Stories May 5, 2021

[Update: No crop] Twitter now supports full-size images up to 4K on Android

As smartphone cameras have improved drastically, social media hasn’t really kept up with compression on the images uploaded. Twitter, though, is opening up the floodgates by widely allowing its users to upload images in up to 4K resolution from Android smartphones.

Google I/O 2021 gets its own custom hashtag icon on Twitter

We’re just two weeks away from keynote date at Google I/O 2021, and for the first time, the event will be 100% remote as a result of COVID-19. In preparation for the event, Google I/O 2021 has just picked up its own hashtag icon on Twitter.

Twitter Stories April 26, 2021

How to disable notifications for Twitter Spaces

Twitter has begun making its Clubhouse-like “Spaces” available to more people — here’s how to disable notifications for them.

Twitter Stories March 18, 2021

A new YouTube experiment brings native video playback directly to your Twitter feed without needing to go to a web browser or the dedicated app.

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Twitter Stories March 3, 2021

Twitter Spaces rolling out to Android users in beta, beating Clubhouse to the punch

In the age of social distancing, audio-only chat rooms like Clubhouse have made a splash. Twitter Spaces works in a similar way, and it’s beating Clubhouse to the punch on a major feature — Android support.

Twitter Stories September 25, 2020

Twitter is a great place to keep up with the news, but sometimes we’re all guilty of retweeting or responding to a post without reading its contents. Now, Twitter’s Android app is testing a new prompt which will remind users to actually read an article before they retweet it.

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Twitter Stories August 5, 2020

Twitter discloses another vulnerability in its Android app that could have allowed access to DMs

Today, Twitter has disclosed a vulnerability within its Android app that, if exploited, could have allowed malicious parties access to private user data including DMs and more.

Twitter Stories July 21, 2020

[Update: It’s back] Google quickly demoted Twitter results in Search after Bitcoin scam

Yesterday, Twitter suffered a severe compromise which resulted in the accounts of high profile individuals — from Elon Musk and Kanye West to Apple and Joe Biden — sharing a scam request for Bitcoin in exchange for free Bitcoin. It appears Google responded swiftly by demoting Twitter-related results in Search and those results have yet to return as of this writing.

Twitter Stories June 17, 2020

One big focus of Android 11 is making the mobile operating system more people-centric. Messaging is a big part of this and Google today detailed how Twitter and Facebook Messenger are working to implement new features like Bubbles in Android 11.

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Twitter Stories June 11, 2020

Google, Facebook, and Twitter commit to coronavirus misinformation reports per EU request

While other events may have started to overshadow the coronavirus pandemic, the virus is still very much a big deal around the globe. Now, in order with a request from the European Union, US tech giants including Google are going to produce regular reports regarding misinformation online about the coronavirus.

Twitter Stories May 22, 2020

When Twitter rolls out new features for its mobile app, they usually hit iOS way earlier than Android, but the latest feature hasn’t seen too much of a gap. To close out this week, Twitter is rolling out support for quote retweet counts on Android, just over a week after iOS picked up the same feature.

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Twitter Stories May 20, 2020

One of the biggest complaints many have had regarding Chrome OS over the years has been the app situation, but that’s been getting better and better over time. A big help has come from Progressive Web Apps, and now, the Google Play Store is distributing some PWAs including YouTube TV and Twitter on Chrome OS.

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Twitter Stories March 30, 2020

How to mute coronavirus-related content on Twitter

It’s great to stay informed about what’s going on in the world, but it’s also very much possible to be over-informed. As the novel coronavirus wreaks havoc on the world, one of the easiest ways to control your level of information intake is Twitter mute filters. I needed them, so I thought you might too. Here’s how to cut down on coronavirus content on Twitter…

Twitter Stories March 17, 2020

The novel coronavirus — COVID-19 — has been spreading around the globe and things are only getting worse in many regions. With that in mind, some of the biggest tech companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more are committing to battling misinformation around the coronavirus outbreak.

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Twitter Stories March 4, 2020

You can now swipe to access Twitter lists from the Android app

A few months ago, Twitter announced a new feature for its iOS app that would make it easier to access lists. Now, Twitter for Android is getting that upgrade, allowing users to simply swipe over to the right to access lists of users.

Twitter Stories January 27, 2020

Android users can ask for help from Google using #AndroidHelp on Twitter

For novice users, there’s a lot about Android that could be confusing and, as with all tech, things sometimes go wrong too. In an effort to help a few more of its Android users, Google is introducing a new hashtag on Twitter.

Twitter Stories January 22, 2020

[Update: Fixed] Latest Twitter for Android update crashing immediately on launch

Given A/B tests and multiple release channels, bugs in major apps are a relatively rare occurrence today. That said, some issues do still slip through with Twitter for Android crashing immediately on launch after its latest update.

Twitter Stories January 15, 2020

Twitter is preparing pinned lists for Android

Twitter seems to be constantly testing out new features for its platform, and sadly, an edit button still isn’t one of them. Recently, though, we’ve been able to dig into what Twitter’s working on, which includes pinned lists coming to the Android app.

Twitter Stories December 20, 2019

Twitter today began emailing Android users about a security issue that “could have compromised” accounts. Fixed several weeks ago, there’s no “evidence that this was exploited,” but the company is encouraging all to update.

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Twitter Stories October 22, 2019

Since the unveiling of Android 10, dark mode has been one of the most hotly requested features for almost every app. As of today, Twitter is finally rolling out their AMOLED-black “Lights Out” dark mode on Android, but you might need a trick to enable it.

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Twitter Stories October 18, 2019

In recent months, Twitter has been working on a handful of redesigns for its various platforms, and that includes an all-black dark mode for mobile devices. Android users haven’t been able to get access to Twitter’s “Lights Out” mode, but that will apparently change in September.

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Twitter Stories September 20, 2019

After Hours: Twitter tests hiding replies in the US, Minecraft character creator, more

Twitter tests a new way to keep conversations healthy in the U.S. Meanwhile in gaming news, Minecraft picks up a Character Creation tool, and the Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra is reportedly coming to Android.

Twitter Stories April 4, 2019

Executives from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks could face jail in Australia if they fail to promptly remove violent material from their platforms.

The Australian parliament passed new legislation in the wake of live-streamed footage from the terrorist attack in Christchurch …

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Twitter Stories March 28, 2019

Twitter gets OLED-black ‘Lights Out’ mode, will come to Android ‘soon’

Dark mode has been making itself available in a ton of Android apps and even the system itself in recent months, and now Twitter’s dark mode is getting an upgrade. Starting today, “Lights Out” is available for Twitter which is truly black and will be coming to Android… eventually.

Twitter Stories March 15, 2019

YouTube and Facebook are working to ensure the removal of all copies of head-mounted camera footage apparently live-streamed by the gunman in two mass shootings in New Zealand.

Forty-nine people were killed, and at least 20 more wounded, in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand …

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Twitter Stories January 17, 2019

Twitter bug on Android has exposed protected tweets over the last 4 years for some users

Whoops. Twitter just admitted to fixing a 4-year old bug on its Android app this week which exposed the protected tweets of some users without their knowledge.

Twitter Stories January 15, 2019

Twitter for Android widely rolling out reverse-chronological timeline

Last month, Twitter moved to address one of the biggest problems with its first-party apps by letting users select a reverse-chronological timeline. That option is now rolling out to Twitter for Android.

Twitter Stories November 13, 2018

Official G Suite Twitter account latest target of Bitcoin-related hacking spree

This week, Twitter has been hit with a massive influx of Bitcoin scamming. Bad actors are attempting to make their scams more appealing through the social platform via impersonation and outright hacking of celebrity and company accounts. Now, it seems, the G Suite Twitter account has been hacked, making Google the latest to have an account fall victim to the ridiculous scheme.

Twitter Stories October 25, 2018

Twitter revenue up, users down, as it sold more ads and detected more bots

Twitter revenue for Q3 was higher than expected, at $758M versus $702.6M in the previous quarter. Year-on-year revenue was up 29% thanks to an identical jump in ad sales …

Twitter Stories October 11, 2018

You can now compose a tweet comprising 140 emoji – but please don’t

Using emoji in your tweets could use up a lot of your 280 characters – up to 14 characters each for some of them. But Twitter has now announced a change ensuring that all emoji are equal under the law, using two characters each …

Twitter Stories October 9, 2018

Twitter makes Moments creation a desktop exclusive as it drops support from Android app

Twitter has announced today that it is removing the ability to create Twitter Moments from its iOS and Android applications. The company says that making Moments will still be possible from the desktop web version of Twitter, while you’ll also still be able to view Moments from iOS and Android.

Twitter Stories October 2, 2018

Twitter rules, detection methods and enforcement against fake accounts all boosted

Twitter rules have been updated as the company continues its work to guard against foreign government attempts to influence the US midterm elections in November …

Twitter Stories September 25, 2018

Twitter is for the first time asking for your feedback on its new rules

Twitter has slowly adapted to a world in which hoax posts and hate speech can have real-world consequences – ranging from foreign interference in US elections to parents of murdered children being threatened and harassed.

But in evolving its rules, it’s doing one thing it has never done before …

Twitter Stories September 17, 2018

Twitter has received a lot of flack over recent years thanks to its resistance to a chronological timeline. In a series of tweets today, however, Twitter announced that it is working on “new ways to give you more control” over what you see in your timeline.

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