Toronto Stories August 22, 2012

Google launches Official Google Canada Blog

Google has a ton of different blogs covering various aspects of its business, and the company has now launched an Official Google Canada Blog today to make announcements and share news specific to Canada and Canadians:

Ten years ago, Google Canada opened its doors in Toronto, becoming one of the first international Google offices. Since then, we’ve added Google offices in Kitchener-Waterloo and Montreal, bringing together an incredible team of people who you just might find scrambling up an indoor climbing wall or sliding into their office on any given day of the week.

What a lot of people may not realize is how, over this time, Canada has had a hand in many of the products Canadians love—from the Chrome browser to Gmail for Mobile—or how Canadians themselves are gaining global recognition for the amazing things they’re doing on the web, whether they’re launching a music career, making us laugh, or discovering new ways to reach out and inspire others online.

Toronto Stories November 17, 2011



As mentioned last night, Google Music offers several MP3 album and single downloads from popular artists, as listed below. It’s one of the best collections of free MP3 downloads we’ve seen. The deals:

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