Verizon Wireless allowed CNET to photograph the carrier’s upcoming Droid 4 and Xyboard tablet designed by Motorola. The Droid 4 looks very similar to the current Droid RAZR — a device we loved — and also in a way represents the Droid 3. CNET calls the Droid 4, “essentially the Droid 3, but with an LTE connection.” Verizon wouldn’t go into details over specs, but Droid-Life has leaked plenty over the past few weeks. The device will reportedly have a 4-inch touchscreen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 5-row slide-out keyboard, front camera (specs unknown,) and an 8MP rear camera. Count on this device being a Droid RAZR with a keyboard.

Next, Verzion’s next tablet offering, the Xyboard has also been in the rumor-mill these past couple of months. The tablet, offered in both an 8- and 10-inch variant, is a successor to Motorola’s Xoom, which was the first to device to ship with Google’s Android Honeycomb. Verizon once again wouldn’t go into details about the tablet, but here’s what we know so far..

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