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Motorola Stories August 16

Motorola’s smartphone lineup for the past few years has basically consisted of the Moto Z, G, E, and X families, with each evolving year by year. This week, though, Motorola unveiled a new smartphone for the Chinese market with the Motorola P30. Here’s what you need to know. expand full story

Motorola Stories August 15

Following Android 9 Pie’s debut, only a couple of devices have picked up support including Google’s Pixel and the Essential Phone. Over the weekend, more devices were confirmed to get the update, and now Motorola is announcing its plans for Android’s latest release.

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Motorola Stories August 3

Motorola confirms there won’t be any more Moto Z devices this year

Yesterday’s launch of the Moto Z3 wasn’t really expected, but it delivered an interesting device with some welcome upgrades. Now, Motorola is confirming that it will be the last Moto Z released in 2018.

Motorola says it isn’t done with Moto Mods, will continue for the ‘foreseeable future’

Moto Mods first arrived on Motorola devices three years ago with the debut of the Moto Z, and they’ve been a core part of Motorola in the time since. However, with yesterday’s debut of the Moto Z3, many expected Motorola to finally move on from Moto Mods. Apparently, that’s not the plan.

Motorola Stories August 2

Motorola’s flagship Moto Z releases, sadly, haven’t been all that exciting for a while. Today, the Moto Z3 has gone official, it’s going to be exclusive to Verizon Wireless, and it’s actually a really good deal…

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Motorola Stories July 3

Verizon’s Moto Z Play Droid Edition now receiving Android 8.0 Oreo

As we near the official release of Android P, we are seeing a lot more phones get updated to the outgoing Android Oreo. Up next to get the almost year-old version of Android is Verizon’s Moto Z Play Droid Edition.

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