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Motorola Stories Yesterday

Motorola is hosting an event later today to unveil its first foldable smartphone following a collection of leaks earlier this month. Now, Motorola has confirmed the design on Twitter with a Razr teaser right as FCC images show off the live design again.

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Motorola Stories November 1

Motorola Razr folding phone allegedly appears in the wild following render leaks

With just two weeks left until its full unveiling, the secret is out on Motorola’s folding phone. The Motorola Razr leaked in several renders this week, and now it’s shown up in the wild.

Motorola Stories October 31

When it rains, it pours. Just minutes after the first official-looking image of the folding Motorola Razr phone hit the web, another leak reveals more images of the device, as well as some of its key specs.

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Folding phones have struggled a bit so far with delays and disastrous design flaws, but there’s another big name in the pipeline. Motorola is set to reveal its folding Razr phone in just a few weeks, and today a leaked image is showing off the design.

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Motorola Stories October 29

Motorola has announced a brand new up-to-date model of the original Moto 360 smartwatch.

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Motorola Stories October 24

Motorola hasn’t released a flagship phone in a while, but it’s still seeing success with budget models. Today, the company has announced four new budget Android smartphones including the Moto G8 Plus, Motorola One Macro, and more.

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