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Motorola Stories May 24

Motorola has made it clear that a third Razr foldable is on its way, and slowly we’re learning more about the device. Today, a fresh leak of the “Motorola Razr 3” is giving us further insight into what the revamped foldable will look like, especially when it comes to the display.

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Motorola Stories May 23

Motorola teases Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 for next foldable, 200MP camera on another device

Under Lenovo’s roof, Motorola clearly has a focus on the Chinese market, often with new devices released there ahead of other regions. This week, Motorola is taking to Weibo to tease new details of its upcoming smartphones, with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 foldable and a 200MP camera on the horizon.

Motorola Stories May 9

Motorola reportedly has a rollable smartphone known as ‘Felix’ in the pipeline

New types of displays are helping to push the smartphone market forward and while foldables have taken up the spotlight so far, “rollable” devices have shown a lot of promise. According to a new report, Motorola is seeking to release a rollable smartphone that carries the codename “Felix.”

Motorola Stories May 7

The crown jewel of the foldable market has generally been devices in the form factor of the Galaxy Z Fold series, but the winner in terms of sales volume has been the traditional flip phone form factor. Motorola previously confirmed a “Motorola Razr 3” foldable was in development, and now a new report is giving us our first look at “Maven.”

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Motorola Stories April 21

The Moto G line has faced some criticism recently, pointed specifically at the Moto G Stylus 2022 and the entire lack of 5G for the time it was released. It seems Motorola is out to fix that with two new reiterations: the Moto G 5G Stylus and Moto G 5G.

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Motorola Stories March 29

For the first time, Motorola has gained the title of #3 OEM in the US for the year of 2021. The long-standing company looks to have benefitted from the sudden loss of LG, filling the void and doubling its own smartphone sales in 2021.

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Motorola Stories March 22

Motorola Edge+ has a stylus and 3 years of security updates for $999 [Update: Launch details]

Motorola’s name and reputation in the smartphone industry has changed a lot in recent years, with the company only making a return to flagship phones in the past couple of years. Today, Motorola is announcing the Edge+ (2022), its latest, stylus-wielding flagship phone with high-end specs and an update promise that’s… well it’s a step in the right direction.

Motorola Stories March 4

Moto G22 goes official priced at €169 w/ MediaTek Helio G37, Android 12 pre-installed

Although almost entirely revealed by leaks, Motorola has now unveiled the Moto G22, which is firmly rooted at the low-end of the Android spectrum.

Motorola Stories February 24

Motorola thinks smart glasses won’t replace phones but rather coexist

With today’s launch of the Edge+, Motorola shared some thoughts on how smart glasses and phones will coexist in the future.

Motorola Stories February 16

Samsung’s Galaxy Note line was one of the only ways to get a stylus with your phone for years, but that has certainly started to change. This year, it seems Motorola is ready to adopt stylus support on one of its flagship phones in the Edge 30 Pro, according to a new leak at least.

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Motorola Stories February 9

Motorola rolls out its first Android 12 update to the mid-range Moto G Pro

Android 12’s rollout has been pretty quick on Samsung devices, but it’s been taking its sweet time to arrive on other devices. After announcing its commitment to Android 12 recently, Motorola has started rolling out the update, with the Moto G Pro first in line.

Motorola Stories February 3

Motorola’s Moto G series was once the best of the budget space, but the market has evolved and created a lot more competition. Today, Motorola is officially announcing the Moto G Stylus (2022), with an updated design and spec sheet, and one bizarre omission.

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Motorola Stories January 13

Moto G Stylus 2022 leak shows off a snazzy gold colorway as specs leak

Motorola’s Moto G lineup helped usher in the era of actually good budget Android phones we enjoy today, but the series has evolved tremendously over time. Ahead of its coming release, the 2022 version of the Moto G Stylus has leaked on multiple occasions this month, divulging its design and some of the spec sheet.

Motorola Stories January 10

The Motorola Razr was the second foldable to hit the market in a meaningful way, but both the original and its sequel were plagued with flaws that hindered their popularity. With the Razr 3, Motorola appears to be fixing its foldable problems – starting with the spec sheet.

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Motorola Stories December 27, 2021

Samsung had a hit in its Galaxy Z Flip 3, with a reasonable price and better durability than previous foldables. Motorola, though, long offered a foldable in the same form factor that usually fell well behind Samsung’s option. It seems the brand isn’t done just yet, though, as a third-generation Motorola Razr is apparently around the corner.

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Motorola Stories December 22, 2021

With Android 12 now two months old, more and more OEMs are beginning to update existing devices to the latest OS version. Motorola has now detailed what Android 12 will bring to its devices next year and which phones will be updated.

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Motorola Stories December 10, 2021

The Motorola Edge X30 has been officially unveiled in China, and in the process become the first Android phone to launch with the recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

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Motorola Stories September 8, 2021

Motorola’s updated over-the-air ‘Space Charging’ can charge up to 4 devices at once

The age of over-the-air wireless charging could soon be upon us as Motorola has demoed their second-generation wireless “Space Charging” system that can charge up to four devices simultaneously.

Motorola Stories August 20, 2021

Motorola Tab G20 crops up on Play Console listing looking like a rebadged Lenovo tablet

Cheap Android tablets are fairly easy to find, but Motorola is set to release yet another affordable option, as a recent Play Console listing has effectively revealed the upcoming Tab G20.

Motorola Stories July 29, 2021

[Update: Retraction] Motorola’s new Android update policy depends on how long customers keep phones

Android updates don’t always matter much to the average consumer at face value, but long-term support does play a huge role in how long a device is relevant. After years of neglecting Android updates, Motorola is confirming a new update policy that only makes matters worse.

The Motorola Edge series was the brand’s return to the “proper flagship,” and just one year later, it seems that strategy isn’t sticking around. Motorola today announced the Edge 20 series, which brings three models from Pro to Lite, all with a focus on being fairly affordable.

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Motorola Stories June 17, 2021

After some late leaks, Motorola has taken the wraps off the Moto Defy, the firm’s affordably focused rugged Android smartphone.

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Motorola Stories June 9, 2021

The Moto G line has long been one of the better options when it comes to a mid-range/budget Android smartphone. Now, the Moto G Stylus 5G is arriving with next-gen connectivity, an affordable price tag, and a lackluster software commitment.

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Motorola Stories March 26, 2021

Motorola has officially launched a brand-new G-series duo in the form of the Moto G50 and G100, both of which could be the most interesting hardware from the Lenovo-owned brand in some time.

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Motorola Stories March 19, 2021

[Update: Edge too] Motorola Edge+ is now getting its Android 11 update 6 months late

Motorola re-entered the flagship space in 2020, but seemingly forgot that top-tier devices are supposed to get a few big updates over time. Now, nearly 6 months after the update hit Pixel phones, the Motorola Edge+ is finally getting its Android 11 upgrade.

Motorola Stories March 17, 2021

As part of its Android 11 update, the Motorola Edge+ on Verizon is gaining a new “Ready For” desktop mode. It’s clear that some at the company still have an affinity for 2011’s Atrix-Webtop concept of having one device power and be the origin for all your other computing experiences.

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Motorola Stories March 14, 2021

Google has updated a support document today, adding references to unreleased devices from seven different Android makers, including the LG Stylo 7 and Samsung A82.

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Motorola Stories February 18, 2021

Google Fi adds new Motorola phones, running introductory ‘Unlimited’ plan promo

Motorola offers the most affordable phones on Google’s MVNO with a trio of devices launching this week. Google Fi is also introducing a promo where new Unlimited plan customers can get 50% off their first three months of service. 

Motorola Stories February 16, 2021

The next wave of affordably focused Motorola devices has arrived with the introduction of the Moto G10 and Moto G30.

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Motorola Stories January 8, 2021

The long-standing and popular Moto G series saw a soft reboot in 2020 with the Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power, and now Motorola is debuting a quartet of new Moto G phones for 2021 that all launch on January 14. Here’s what you need to know.

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Motorola Stories January 5, 2021

‘Moto G Pro’ breaks cover with stylus, quad cameras, and Moto G Stylus confusion

Motorola’s budget-friendly Moto G series has been incredibly popular for the company over the years, and as 2021 starts, we’re getting a look at two new models on their way to the market — Moto G Pro and a new Moto G Stylus. Maybe, that is.

Motorola Stories December 21, 2020

At one time Motorola was as good as it got for Android updates, at times beating even Google’s own phones to the punch. That was back when Nexus phones were a thing, though, and a whole lot has changed in the years since. Now, Motorola is among the worst Android OEMs when it comes to updates, and the company’s Android 11 plans… well, they’re not helping that.

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Motorola Stories December 2, 2020

Many OEMs have tackled a bridge-style desktop mode for smartphones with prominent players including Samsung and Huawei with their DeX and Miracast solutions respectively. Now though it looks as though Motorola is set to bring its own desktop mode to upcoming handsets.

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Motorola Stories November 25, 2020

Motorola effectively bombards the low-end of the Android smartphone market with reasonably well-priced, modestly-specced devices that are well worth a look. The latest is that of the Moto e7, which has been announced as available in select European markets.

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Motorola Stories November 6, 2020

Motorola’s recent resurgence is partly down to a number of reasonably solid hardware and competitive pricing. The latest addition officially announced is that of the Moto G9 Power, which comes with modest internals but a whopping 6,000mAh battery.

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Motorola Stories October 30, 2020

Foldable phones aren’t as fragile as most people think, but they still can’t take a hit as well as a traditional slab. In an effort to more safely ship the Motorola Razr 5G, Amazon has decided it’s a good idea to open up a customer’s brand new device and pre-fold the device. Yikes.

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Motorola Stories September 29, 2020

Motorola Razr 5G will be available on October 2 w/ $200 discount on unlocked models

The original Motorola Razr foldable was an ambitious device for the company that really didn’t work out that well, but less than a year later, the company debuted a new version that looks a lot better. If it’s a device you want to pick up, Motorola Razr 5G will debut next week with a hefty discount on unlocked models.

Motorola Stories September 9, 2020

Motorola today announced the Razr 5G as their second take on making an Android Foldable after the last generation did not make too much of an impact. This Android Foldable features all the specs expected of a 2020 smartphone, while being slightly more affordable.

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Motorola Stories August 31, 2020

The first wave of flip phone-style Android Foldables did not make too much of an impact. After the first-generation Motorola Razr launched, the company more or less confirmed it was working on a successor, and the design of that “Razr 5G” might have just leaked.

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Motorola Stories August 19, 2020

The Motorola Moto G9 Plus and Moto E7 Plus have now leaked in press renders showcasing the upcoming designs and hardware of both affordable Android devices.

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Motorola Stories August 5, 2020

Motorola has officially announced the One Fusion Plus, an affordable Android smartphone that comes with some notable surprises for just €299.

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Motorola Stories July 7, 2020

The Motorola Moto 5G Plus has now gone official with the mid-range smartphone offering 5G connectivity without the premium price tag.

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Motorola Stories July 4, 2020

In this week’s top stories: Renders and specs arrive for the upcoming Motorola Moto G 5G / Plus, “OnePlus Pods” true wireless earbuds leak looking like AirPods, Google Photos stops backing up saved photos from social media apps, and more.

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Motorola Stories July 3, 2020

Motorola One Fusion goes official w/ Snapdragon 710, 5,000mAh battery, more

Motorola has officially unveiled the One Fusion, another affordable smartphone that will unfortunately only be available in select regions.

Motorola Stories July 2, 2020

The Moto G 5G has now leaked in a series of press renders showcasing the first 5G-powered G-series Motorola for the first time.

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Motorola Stories June 16, 2020

The Motorola Edge+ hasn’t had the best of starts to life, and that looks like it is set to get harder with reports of serious display issues on the recently released flagship.

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Motorola Stories June 9, 2020

Android 10 is now rolling out to the Moto G7 Power, starting w/ Brazil

Even though it shipped in 2019 with essentially “stock” Android, it has taken a little while for the Moto G7 Power to get an update to Android 10.

Motorola Stories June 5, 2020

Motorola has officially announced another set of affordable Android devices in the form of the Moto E and Moto G Fast in North American markets.

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