Alongside the announcement of their new Google Music store, Google has announced the “artist hub” allowing users to upload and sell their original content- full albums or individual songs-  as well as build and customize their artist page for display in the store. An artist can even make changes to their uploaded content at any time, including adding or editing tracks, editing an artist bio page, or including “new demos, live recordings and unreleased tracks”.

The service essentially works the same way developers sell their apps through the Android Market. Goog says artists will keep 70% of revenues and also get to set the sale price of their music. There will also be a one time fee of $25, but no other fees associated with the service.

Once users purchase an artist’s uploaded music, the artist will be able to manage their revenues and track profits through a “Payments” tab within the artist hub. One of the first notable artists using the service is DJ Tiesto, who will be debuting his new single today. Visit to learn more.

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One Response to “Google announces Google Music artist hub for independent musicians”

  1. I put 4 of our original albums on the Artist Hub under Christine Salhany and Crossing Genres. I see the 4 CD icons but only an odd scattering of 4 or 5 of the actual tracks. Why aren't all of the track showing? There are 39 tracks in all. Also, I think you need to pur a direct link on Google search for an Artist Hub LOGIN. Now I get this "how to" page or the market. Otherwise I like this service and think it has much potential.