Back in June, we told you that Google was again trying to purchase real-time bidding startup Admeld after their first attempt fell apart. However, it looks like Goog will be successful this time around with All Things D reporting industry sources expect the Department of Justice to approve the deal within “the next couple weeks” and potentially as early as Friday. The $400 million deal was originally under the typical DOJ review process related to possible antitrust violations. All Things D reports:

It’s unclear whether the DOJ will impose any restrictions on the deal. But Web ad players, reading tea leaves and DOJ body language, are betting the sale goes through unhindered. No comment from Google; I’ve yet to hear back from a Department of Justice rep.

While the deal has of course come under scrutiny from those worried about Google’s dominance in display advertising, Google explained in a blog post back in July when the antitrust review first began why they think the business will remain competitive. That post also noted the DOJ is “obliged to review the transaction because of its purchase price”, which means the $12.5 billion Motorola deal will obviously be subject to the same process.

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