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6 Responses to “Google Self Driving Car User #00000001 [Video]”

  1. Lady says:

    Now show me mthe video of this car when a malicious code or virus are entered into the scene. The controller at the other end can totally control your car with YOU in it! They can do whatever they want! All you can do is sit back and go for the ride!

  2. Alfonso says:

    Yeah, no more designated driver. Drink and Drive soon without problems…just kidding. Excellent!!! Best invention in this new century. Thanks Google.

  3. gianluca says:

    Simply amazing. The power of dreams. I'm without words. But not for the car, but for the application! I live no more than 200 meters from an institute of blind people, so I know very well what it mean. Great Google!

  4. walktovanish says:

    This is the innovative Google that I wish we saw more often