Along with the release of the long-awaited Google Drive, Google also released a slick Mac app accompanying the service. However, it looks like the Google Drive for Mac app is causing some issues for some. Over on the Google Products Forums, the amount of users complaining that Drive is causing Finder on OS X to crash is growing. One of our readers, Mike, reported Finder crashing a whopping eight times since he installed Drive earlier this afternoon and has included the crash report to prove it.

Also, in the thread, user robbysibrahim said the issue stopped for him when he paused syncing. This obviously is not a permanent solution, but it should work until Google rolls out an official fix. A Google support member joined the thread in hopes of helping the users, but his suggestions have not provided a fix.

Right now, it is a little unclear why this is happening. However, we have reached out to Google in the hopes of hearing back. This is obviously very frustrating for users who want to try Google Drive on launch day. Are you seeing similar issues? Cheers, Mike!

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