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As news spread this morning that one of the original YouTube founders, Jawed Karim isn’t fond of Google+ YouTube comments, it begs the question what others think. The introduction of the new comment system led Karim to post his first comment on the site in 8 years:

“Why the fuck do I need a google+ account to comment on a video?”

Now, at first glance I’d say I agree with him, it just seems like another opportunity for Google to push its social media service right under a nose. On the flip side, there’s little argument that YouTube’s comment section is a black hole of the internet. If there’s even a remote possibility that Google+ can improve the quality of the conversation on YouTube, I say hell yes.

It remains unclear is Karim is truly the man responsible for the comment or if someone hacked his account. With the news that Feedly suddenly backtracked using Google+ authentication based on initial feedback, the question remains whether or not Google is making the right move pushing their service on YouTube?

So what say you, is Google+ the right comment system for YouTube? Would you like to see them spread to a blog like this one?

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4 Responses to “Poll: Do you like Google+ comments on YouTube?”

  1. Just another reason I refuse to use Google Plus. They’re making me feel like Im dealing with Apple the more they try to force me to use their services. As is, Im close to moving to an iPhone. I no longer make any comments on YouTube or Google Play if I have to put my name or photo on there. I will create more names and accounts.

  2. Why. Isn’t the Youtube account the same as your Google account? And isn’t your Google account also a Google + account?
    If so, everyone on Youtube already has a Google account.

    • That’s not how it works. They changed it to be that way, it was not that way initially. That’s why people are upset. Google+ and Youtube are completely different environments, but Google didn’t seem to understand that at all. They still don’t.

  3. Nope, stop messing with Stuff Google.