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June 2011 - October 2018

Google Plus was developed at breakneck speed to counter the rising threat of Facebook in social. Launched in June 2011, Google Plus allowed users to post status updates and organized friends into groups called Circles. There was an instant messaging and video component called Hangouts, as well as a photo backup service.

In addition to being a social network, Plus was meant to be the social layer to all of Google’s other products. A user’s Google Plus profile was used for many other services, like YouTube. The ‘+1’ button was a competitor to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button and was present throughout the web.

Despite the attempts at company-wide integration, Google Plus never really took of among users. In November of 2015, Google unveiled a major redesign that put a renewed focus on Collections and Communities to create an interest-based social network instead.

Popular features like Hangouts and Google Photos were eventually spun out into their own separate and wildly popular product.

Google Plus Stories October 11

Google+ for G Suite is business as usual, with new features

Earlier this week, awkwardly just ahead of the Made by Google event, it was announced that Google+ was shutting down for consumers. That distinction is important, as we learn today that Google+ for G Suite is getting new business-minded social networking features.

Google Plus Stories October 8

How to download your Google+ data before it shuts down next year

Well, it finally happened. Google+ is officially being shut down. The ill-fated social network never really had mass adoption, but its core user base is certainly already pretty vocal about it going away, though. If you’re an avid user, here’s how to download Google+ data before it gets shut down.

According to the Wall Street Journal this morning, Google discovered a user data bug in Google+ last spring. However, the issue appears to not have been abused by any third-party developers. The company opted to not disclose the issue, but in response is now shutting down the failed social network for consumers.

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Google Plus Stories August 24

Google France shuts down official Google+ page, directs followers to Twitter & Facebook

Google+, despite a collection of passionate users, has never been all that much of a success for Google. Now, hilariously, Google is shutting down one of its official pages on the social network and directing users to the competition.

Google Plus Stories April 26

Google+ killing older Android and iOS versions w/ photo backup functionality next month

Following the launch of Photos in May 2015, Google began winding down similar functionality in Google+. A full deprecation of the remaining backup feature is now set for next month as older versions of the Android and iOS apps will stop working.

Google Plus Stories April 24

Google Calendar and Google+ on the web gain new G Suite profile information cards

Last week, G Suite began rolling out a new enterprise-grade version of Education to its customers, while major launches in recent months include the addition of Hangouts Chat. Today, G Suite is adding convenient new profile information cards on web apps.

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