After a recent ruling by the European Union Court of Justice, Google users have been flooding the company with requests to have unflattering links removed from its search engine. People ranging from politicians to sex offenders have already reached out to Google asking the software giant to purge their tainted web history.

Prior to the court’s ruling, German privacy regulators typically received around 100 web search removal requests per year. As a result of the court’s decision, the Hamburg data commissioner received eight requests the day after it was determined that people had the “right to be forgotten.”

Ulrich Kühn, deputy commissioner for Hamburg’s data-protection authority recently told The Wall Street Journal that Google said that within two weeks it will produce a process that lets users file their complaints about negative search results.

(via BBC News, The Wall Street Journal)

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One Response to “Google bombarded with requests to remove negative search results following EU ruling”

  1. gatorguy2 says:

    Welcome to the slippery slope. Can a local business now demand my less-than-complimentary comments be removed even if they’re true? How about a Facebook comment on a girl-friend/boy-friend who dun ya wrong? All reports of my baby-sitter’s arrest for stealing my wife’s diamond ring can be purged simply by her requesting it? This isn’t a court-decision affecting only Google but all search providers. Worse, the court did not even define what constitutes a search provider. Is 9to5 potentially impacted?