oculus rift

Samsung is reportedly developing its own VR headset, a device that will be similar in many ways to the Oculus Rift, for use with its flagship Galaxy smartphones and tablets (via Engadget). This headset is apparently separate from the “Galaxy Glass” project that is slated to be unveiled later this year.

The VR headset is being described as a peripheral, as opposed to a stand-alone product, and will require a connection to a Samsung device in order to function.

There’s no word on the type of content that might be available, but it’s a good bet that it’ll be distributed through Samsung’s first-party app store.

Virtual reality headsets have been around for years, though none have managed to take the technology into the mainstream market. The technology is difficult to master: even the slightest delays can cause motion sickness, and disrupt the gaming experience. Content also has to be designed with a VR headset in mind, or else the mechanics feel wrong.

Can Samsung create a solid experience, powered by their Galaxy devices? Only time will tell, but I’m incredibly skeptical — the little details that are necessary for a VR headset have never been Samsung’s strong point.

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