YouTube announced today that it will be releasing regular “Creator Preview” videos letting creators know about upcoming features so they can provide feedback ahead of time. In the first Creator Preview, the company announced that it’s working on a separate mobile app just for creators in addition to a few other interesting new features:

We’ve put together our first Creator Preview video, a run-down of what we’re working on to make YouTube better for you. We’ll be doing this regularly, so you can stay informed on where we’re headed.

Also coming soon is a feature that will let fans donate directly to YouTube channels without leaving the site. It will presumably include some type of Google Wallet integration, but it’s unclear how that could tie into a music service YouTube is rumored to be launching. In addition, YouTube says it also plans to roll out a crowdsourced captioning feature that will let viewers contribute to creating captions and subtitles in over 60 languages.

In the video above, YouTube also talks about some of the recent enhancements to its new comment system as well as an enhanced audio library that’s coming soon with more royalty free music.

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One Response to “YouTube plans new app for creators, fan donation feature, crowdsourced captions, more”

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