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Starbucks, in partnership with Duracell, is starting a nationwide rollout of a wireless charging system for smartphones. The system is powered by Duracell’s Powermat technology, which we reviewed last July. The program will place 100,000 of the Duracell chargers at specially-marked tables in each Starbucks location. Users would then be able to charge any phone using a compatible wireless charging system.

So far the program has only rolled out in a few stores, but it’s scheduled to reach more markets by next year. There’s not a timetable yet for when the rollout will be complete.

While the program is only available in a few stores right now, a page on the website for the initiative lists locations where the service is currently offered.


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3 Responses to “Starbucks teams up with Duracell to place Android-compatible wireless chargers in coffee shops”

  1. Since I’ve never heard of anyone actually using this technology I’m guessing Duracell has crates of these chargers sitting around that they needed to unload. I assume they’ll be selling the cases at Starbucks too. Maybe a few people will bite but I really don’t see people leaving their phone sitting on a charging mat while they sit down & have a coffee.

  2. tijeladeacai says:

    Bad move from Starbucks since Qi is the standard.

  3. Too bad there are currently no phones produced that use this technology. There are several that use Qi, but they’re left out.