Starbucks Stories August 1, 2018

You can now reload your Starbucks Card on Android with Google Pay

Google Pay received a big update last month that integrated Google Wallet’s old peer-to-peer sending features, while adding new “Sending” and “Passes” tabs to the Android app. Relaunched earlier this year, Google’s payment service is widely available and can now be used in the Starbucks for Android app.

Starbucks Stories December 7, 2016


Pokémon Go is teaming up with Sprint to turn businesses into PokéStops and Gyms as part of Niantic’s latest move to keep players in the game. The news comes just one day before Starbucks is expected to do the same while introducing a Pokémon Go-themed drink for trainers. Niantic has also teased out when we might start seeing new monsters appear in the game.

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Starbucks Stories June 21, 2016

Google launches Android Pay Day in UK, today offering Starbucks and Deliveroo discounts

After Android Pay finally launched in the UK last month, Google is doing its best to encourage Brits to give it a try. It’s announced a monthly Android Pay Day, offering discounts for using the service to pay, with the first of these taking place today.

Starbucks Stories September 22, 2015


If you haven’t got time to stand around in a Starbucks queue to place your order, the good news is that you no longer have to. The company, which first allowed iPhone users to place orders on the mobile app before reaching the store, has now added the same functionality to the Android app …  expand full story

Starbucks Stories August 28, 2015

Starbucks for Android v3.2 brings Material Design refresh

Whether or not you believe Starbucks coffee tastes burnt (I don’t), there’s always a reason to be happy when a popular app from a major company adopts Google’s new Material Design language. That’s just what the company did today with a new update.

Starbucks version 3.2 for Android is a gentle introduction to Material Design — the app continues to fall in line with the muted colors of the Starbucks brand, not too bright and bold like many early Material Design apps I’ve seen, and animations are subtle, like how the hamburger menu icon shifts during the transition of opening and closing the menu. Small details like elements appearing to open from a touch point remind you that it’s Material. It looks good.

Sadly, however, the app still lacks the new Order & Pay functionality Starbucks recently added to its iOS app and began promoting in stores, which allows customers to order menu items from their phone and pick them up when they arrive. Starbucks still labels that functionality as being in beta, though, so I’ll give them some slack. As a Starbucks loyalist I’m just glad to see them recognizing Android as a legitimate place to have a presence.

This update also brings added menu details so you can see all the menu items currently available at US stores (PSL, anyone?), and the obligatory “bug fixes.” It’s available on Google Play now.

Starbucks Stories May 14, 2015


Starbucks has confirmed multiple reports of users of its smartphone app having three-figure sums stolen from their accounts in the form of gift certificates, reports CNN.

One user lost $550 in a matter of minutes, his account auto-reloaded each time it was emptied by a hacker sending a series of $50 gift cards. Other users have also reported three-figure losses within a matter of seconds or minutes …  expand full story

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