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A new phone called the Gionee Slim S 5.5 measures in at a mere 5mm thin and is being touted by the company as the world’s thinnest smartphone. Looking eerily similar to another rumored phone, it comes in ‘gold and white’ as well as ‘black and grey’ while also featuring a metal and glass chassis. Although it might be a cheap knockoff, its got impressive specs to back it up. The device boasts an unknown octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 2,300mAh battery. The phone retails for RS22,999, which comes to about $385.

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2 Responses to “iPhone 6 clone ‘Gionee’ touted as world’s thinnest smartphone at 5mm”

  1. melvinchia says:

    The title is obviously targetting search engine results for the keywords “iPhone 6″, but totally misses the definition of the word “clone”.

    • a person or thing regarded as an exact copy of another.
    • a computer designed to simulate exactly the operation of another, typically more expensive, model.

    Neither definition meets the described Gionee phone, in exact looks, exact operation, or exact copy.

  2. whatyoutalkingboutwillis says:

    That doesn’t look like the alleged iPhone 6