If you’ve got a new AppleTV (or Airport Express) at home and want to stream audio and video from an Android device, you’ve been mostly out of luck until now.  However, today doubleTwist updates its Android App with AirPlay (which is an open standard) and DLNA capability.

What’s in this version:

  1. doubleTwist now supports AirPlay for users who have upgraded to AirSync. Stream to Apple TV (music, videos and photos) and DLNA devices (music and videos). Beta support for Sonos.
  2. When a supported device such as the Apple TV is recognized on the same WiFi network as your Android device, you can start streaming to it from the doubleTwist playback controls if you are an AirSync user.
  3. Modified the doubleTwist Settings, including a new About section.
  4. Various bug fixes.

DoubleTwist is so innovative, it is surprising to me that Google doesn’t just buy it up for full integration into Android.  Via Engadget

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