Bloomberg has the story.  Google has hired one of the commission’s top intellectual property officials, Suzanne Michel

Michel, 49, is leaving her post at the FTC, where she worked for more than 11 years on patent antitrust issues and patent policy. She will join the company’s legal team… Michel was the chief writer of a patent report the FTC issued in March, which analyzed the evolution of the patent system in the U.S. and made recommendations on how to improve patent law to promote innovation. The report also made suggestions to the courts on how to make patent remedies more effective.

Seems like a good fit.  Patents and FTC are two big areas where Google is spending a lot of time these days.  Hopefully her FTC bosses don’t take the poaching too harshly.

She’s also got a Ph.D. in chemistry and is a whiz on a Razor scooter so she should fit right in at the GooglePlex

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