From Gigaom:

“We see a number of major vendors very seriously considering Windows Mobile as a core platform and therefore we are following their lead and examining it as well to complement our work in Android to date,” said Frank Meehan, chief executive officer (CEO) of INQ, the Hutchison Whampoa company that came up with a Skype phone and a Facebook phone….

“The advantages with Windows Mobile is that the legal issues and resulting costs seem to be much less,” Meehan said. He thinks the quick growth of Android — almost 600,000 activations a day — has made it a big target. But if Windows Phone 7 grows as quickly, then who knows if that will be hit by similar legal troubles, Meehan argued.

So serious that he hadn’t heard ‘Windows Mobile’ died last year and Microsoft re-launched ‘Windows Phone 7’.

These words don’t sound like they are from the Motorola deal, but in the larger trend of getting lost in the Android world and trying to find a differentiating point.  Also, there is obviously the concern of Microsoft’s legal arsenal descending on poor little INQ — something that should be allayed, not intensified, with the pickup of Motorola and their Patent trove.

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