Engadget reports that the Logitech Revue has begun to ship with a new sticker touting Honeycomb preinstalled.  Honeycomb has been highly anticipated and will bring the Android Market to Google TV. We’re not sure if Honeycomb is actually under the box, or if Logitech is just prepping for an OTA coming out soon.

Google TV has been considered pretty bland without featuring apps. Now with the Market included, users will now be able to download the “optimized for Google TV” apps we spotted last month.

In Logitech’s quarterly earnings last night the company touted $7.9 million in sales of the Revue since it was introduced with its $99 price tag. If our math is correct that’s roughly 79,000 devices or more on the market being enjoyed by users. At any rate, we’re sure they’re ready for the Honeycomb update. We’ll let you know when it goes live.

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