TmoNews discovered a huge sale going on this weekend at T-Mobile stores, and it is dubbed the “New Year, New Phone” value sale. As part of the sale, T-Mobile will offer a good chunk of their phones for $49.99 or less after a mail-in-rebate. To qualify, customers must meet a list of criteria, such as a new activation, two-year contract, and the new activation must be under a value plan. The sale will take place from Jan. 6 to Jan. 8.

As you can see above, T-Mobile has a nice lineup for this sale. For example, if you wanted to buy the Galaxy S II (read our review) this weekend, it would require a down payment of $199. You would later receive $150 back through a mail-in-rebate, leaving you with a net payment of $49.99 for the device. We posted the full criteria for the sale after the break, through TmoNews.

  • New activation and add-a-lines
  • Any Classic, Legacy, or existing Value Plan customer qualifies for this promotion2-year contract required
    • There are no contract or handset tenure requirements
    • Standard migration fees apply for customers switching to Value
  • Must activate or upgrade to Unlimited Value Plan with qualifying data feature
  • Variable data requires: Smartphones (2GB) or 42Mbps Superphones (5GB)
  • Qualifying Rate Plans: Unlimited Value Family Plan, Unlimited Value Single Lines and AAL (Must have unlimited minutes add on feature)
  • Any webConnect Value rate plan of 2GB Or higher

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