A new music app destined for the Play store has now merged with the CyanogenMod community and will be included on new versions of the software. The music app is called “Apollo,” and it actually looks like a great alternative to Google Music and DoubleTwist. As noted on Apollo’s blog, it will be put on the Play store in the coming days, where we hope to get a closer look at how the app fares. However, if you are the hacker type, you can get Apollo now by grabbing the latest CyanogenMod 9 nightly build. For now on, Apollo will be included in all nightly builds.

The founders of Apollo encourage the community to submit themes for the app and tinker with its source code. You can grab more information (here).

Due to Apollo’s merger with CyanogenMod, it has a list of new features:

  • I’ve added a “Recent” tab, that shows your recently added tracks and a “Genres” tab.
  • You can swipe through your library similar to the Google Play Music app.
  • I replaced the old expandable list in the “Artist” tab with a new grid list.
  • Your artist images and album art are fetched for you and added accordingly.
  • Swipe the bottom action bar to view a set of music controls
  • Long press the bottom action bar to view your queue in a special way
  • Touch an artist to view their albums and swipe over to view their tracks.

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