Here is a novel idea for upstart Android manufacturers: Take those resources that you could devote to creating your own skins/apps/experience on top of Android, and then use those same resources to get the latest stock version of Android to devices instead.

Virgin Mobile is pretty good at this (even taking the Motorola Triumph without MotoBlur on it ) and only adding apps. However, as manufacturers go, ZTE has something promising in its Grand X device: Pure Android.

While it does not have Jelly Bean on it (no guarantees either), The Gran X has pure Ice Cream Sandwich on it from shipping and no wasted time and energy on bloatware. Good for them.

As The Verge reviewed, it is mediocre otherwise with mostly cheap components and, to be frank, some software adjustments needed.

However, without bloatware, it is also quicker/easier to update the device…should they decide to do so in a swift fashion. How about some Jelly Bean?

The Grand X is available in the United Kingdom now and will be stateside by the end of next month.

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