When organising a publicity event for a new product, there are a few things you need to check. Book the venue, check public transport links, make sure you have enough sample products … oh, and ask people not to bring weapons with them.

The video above is in Korean, but you get the idea. More details below the fold …


Korea Times (via AndroidCentral) reports that LG had the bright idea of launching helium balloons, 100 of which contained vouchers which could be exchanged for a free G2 phone. One or more people apparently hit on the idea of bringing a BB gun with them Рan Airsoft pistol that fires small metal pellets similar to those used in shotguns Рto shoot down the balloons. Twenty people were reportedly hit.

LG has, unsurprisingly, cancelled subsequent events. The company has also apologised to those injured, and promised to pay their medical bills. We suspect the next LG PR event may include lots of foam rubber or bubble-wrap …

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