LG Stories September 7

LG may be done making its own smartphones, but it isn’t done building tech to go with them. The company supplies some display panels, and now, LG Chem is showing off a new cover material meant to strengthen foldable displays.

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LG Stories August 11

In an effort to ride on Samsung’s hype train, OnePlus pulls a stupid marketing stunt [U]

Foldables are gaining steam, and the current leader, Samsung, is about to debut two new devices. In an effort to stay in the spotlight in the midst of Samsung’s Unpacked event, OnePlus is teasing some sort of dual-screen case or accessory that it will reveal tomorrow.

Update 8/11: Scratch that. OnePlus instead revealed today a half-off deal through its carrier partner T-Mobile. No one is amused.

LG Stories July 26

LG Tone Free 2021 earbud lineup adds ANC, improved audio, more

After leaving the mobile market behind, LG is now focusing efforts on other divisions with audio being a core component in a business shift. The Korean firm has now upgraded its LG Tone Free lineup for 2021 with the introduction of the FP5, FP8, and FP8 earbuds.

LG Stories May 31

LG reportedly ends Android smartphone production today amid division shutdown

Earlier this year, LG dropped the bombshell that it would be leaving the mobile industry entirely, leaving the Android market with one fewer option both on the flagship and affordable ends of the spectrum. As of today, LG has reportedly ended production on Android smartphones.

LG Stories May 25

LG’s exit drives the already-awful resale value of its phones off of a cliff

Earlier this year, LG announced it would officially be shutting down its mobile division, leaving the smartphone industry as a whole. In the time since, the resale value for LG phones has absolutely plummeted… more than it did before.

LG Stories April 10

LG Velvet gets Android 11 in the US, Verizon first in line

The LG Velvet is the company’s last mainstream premium smartphone, but even with the company pulling its resources from the smartphone business, updates are still rolling out. This week, Android 11 was spotted rolling out to the LG Velvet in the United States.

LG Stories April 8

After LG shut down its smartphone division this week, they were quick to mention that phones currently on the market wouldn’t immediately be abandoned. Rather, updates to Android 12 are on the docket. Now, to further lessen concerns, LG is promising three years of Android updates to its premium smartphones. Sound familiar?

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LG Stories April 7

Perhaps the biggest story in smartphones so far this year has been LG’s departure from the market. The company is set to close its doors soon on over two decades of mobile experience, and it leaves behind some unfinished projects. After the announcement went official, images of the unreleased LG V70 and the anticipated Rollable hit Twitter, showing what the company had in store for 2021.

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LG Stories April 6

Now that LG is officially pulling its hat out of the smartphone ring, it leaves questions as to how the company’s departure will affect the market. At the high end, it doesn’t seem like much will change, but the story is completely different in the prepaid market, where LG’s departure is going to have a huge impact.

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LG Stories April 5

LG just announced that it would kill off its money-losing smartphone business this year, leaving many to wonder what the outcome might be for phones already in the hands of consumers. According to LG, software updates will continue, and the company even detailed an optimistic plan for Android 12.

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It’s over. LG announced last night that it will be pulling out of the global smartphone market in the next few months. In a way, it’s sad to see, but it also comes as no surprise, given the downward trajectory we’ve seen from LG for the past several years. On that note, do you even remember the last time you were excited for an LG phone?

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LG Stories April 4

As widely rumored for the past few weeks, LG officially announced today that its mobile division is shutting down. Software updates and support for existing smartphone owners will continue for a “period of time.”

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LG Stories April 1

The past several years have seen LG flailing to maintain its share in the smartphone market. Earlier this year, it was reported and later confirmed that LG would make some tough calls regarding its smartphone business, and now it seems we’ll hear the outcome on April 5.

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LG Stories March 23

After years of being a notable player in the Android smartphone market across the globe, LG has seen near-constant losses from its mobile efforts. Earlier this year, the company confirmed it was looking at options to exit the smartphone business, and now it might come down to LG just pulling the plug entirely with a shutdown of its smartphone efforts.

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LG Stories March 11

The rollout of Android 11 has been remarkably quick so far, but that’s thanks especially to Samsung being far ahead of its original schedule. LG, on the other hand, has only rolled out the update to one device, and the company’s official schedule paints a picture that’s even grimmer.

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LG Stories March 3

LG V60 ThinQ gets Android 11 update in the US as sequel rumors swirl

The LG V60 ThinQ turned out to be an unexpected highlight of the 2020 smartphone season, but in our review, one of the things we pointed out was LG’s not-so-great history with updates. Thankfully, the company is being relatively timely with its still-flagship, delivering Android 11 to the LG V60 this past week.

LG Stories February 23

After numerous teases, LG confirmed earlier this year that it would be releasing a smartphone later this year with a rolling display. Well, that might not work out. According to a new report, the LG Rollable may not see a release date.

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LG Stories January 22

[Update: Possible buyer] LG might leave the smartphone market soon, CEO confirms

LG’s space in the smartphone market has been chipped away at for years, but next year the company might actually call it quits. That’s right, LG has officially confirmed that it’s considering leaving the smartphone market in 2022.

LG Stories January 12

LG teases rollable phone again, this time showing it in action [Video]

After debuting its wacky Wing phone in 2020, LG has been teasing its next Explorer Project device which has a rollable display. Now, at CES 2021, LG has dropped another teaser for the Rollable, this time confirming its name and showing it in action.

LG Stories January 11

LG confirms Stadia will be supported on 2020 TVs, but nothing older than that

Stadia is set to make a couple of platform expansions in 2021, including LG’s WebOS as announced at CES 2021. In a further announcement, LG has clarified what TVs will be getting access to the Stadia app, and there’s both good news and bad news.

One of the biggest appeals of cloud gaming is the ability to play anywhere, and in 2021 that vision will be even closer to reality. Today, LG has confirmed (via The Verge) that its 2021 TVs will include Google Stadia support as well as Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

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LG Stories December 30, 2020

LG Wing update makes it easier to switch apps between screens

The LG Wing is a pretty weird concept, but one in which we could find some value. Now, the LG Wing is getting its first big update that delivers some better multitasking functionality and more.

LG Stories December 29, 2020

LG Stylo 7 leaks with refreshed design, 5G model apparently coming

LG’s stylus-equipped Stylo series usually ends up among the most popular mid-range phones every year, and in 2021 it seems like there might be two options. @OnLeaks just debuted the first leak of the LG Stylo 7 while also revealing a 5G model is coming.

LG Stories November 16, 2020

Verizon’s nationwide 5G network works on these Android smartphones [Updated]

Last week, Verizon announced that it had opened up its nationwide 5G network after months of only offering mmWave coverage. The latest Apple iPhones support this network out of the box, but some Android phones are also getting support for Verizon nationwide 5G with models from Samsung and LG.

LG Stories November 14, 2020

Smartphone design over the past few years has hit a bit of a plateau. There’s only so much you can do with a glass slab after all. While other OEMs are pushing foldables as the future, LG had the bright idea of coming up with some unique designs and throwing them at the market to see if they stick. The LG Wing is the first of those devices with its wacky swivel design and… it’s quite something.

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LG Stories November 6, 2020

LG Wing is now available on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

The LG Wing is one of the weirdest phones we’ve seen released in ages, and while it’s definitely not for everyone, the device is now widely available on US carriers.

LG Stories October 29, 2020

LG K92 delivers a mid-ranger w/ 5G at $359, coming to AT&T, Cricket, US Cellular

As 5G becomes more widespread, it’s also getting more affordable. Today, LG is announcing the LG K92 5G, a mid-range device that packs 5G connectivity on three US carriers.

LG Stories October 26, 2020

LG debuts another set of self-cleaning earbuds, this time with active noise cancellation

Truly wireless earbuds have become overwhelmingly popular over the past couple of years and, like many other companies, LG has been developing its own options. This week, LG has announced the new Tone Free FN7 earbuds, a pair of self-cleaning buds that offer up active noise cancellation.

LG Stories September 14, 2020

LG launched its unique Wing smartphone today with a swiveling display. During its launch, though, the company also briefly teased what might be around the corner. LG is apparently working on an extendable smartphone.

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Smartphone design reached its peak over the past several years, and now new form factors are finally breaking the mold. While Samsung, Motorola, and other brands are working on futuristic foldables, LG is going an entirely different route. The LG Wing is official today, complete with its wacky swiveling display.

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LG Stories September 8, 2020

We’re set to get official details on LG’s wacky new smartphone next week, but today, a fresh render of the LG Wing has leaked leaving little to the imagination.

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LG Stories September 7, 2020

Ahead of the September 14 announcement, the “LG Wing” moniker was officially confirmed by the company. An 8-second video leak has now emerged showing the Wing swiveling and LG’s software customizations.

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[Update: ‘LG Wing’ name] LG teases ‘Explorer Project’ smartphone on September 14

LG is launching a new project in its smartphone division, the “Explorer Project.” On September 14, we’ll see the reveal of the first smartphone from those efforts, presumably the leaked “LG Wing.”

LG Stories September 3, 2020

The LG Velvet launched earlier this year in a few regions around the globe, but the company was silent on a US debut. Today, LG has confirmed that Velvet will arrive Stateside starting July 22nd. Here’s what you need to know.

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LG Stories August 28, 2020

LG is trying something new with its upcoming “Wing” smartphone, and now, we might have an idea of when to expect its debut and what its price will be.

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A few months ago, a report from Korea claimed that LG was working on a completely unique smartphone with a new take on dual-displays. Now, the LG “Wing” phone has leaked in a video.

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LG Stories August 21, 2020

The world of affordable smartphones is about to get a new contender in the form of the LG K31, a very modest device that is aimed squarely at the low-end.

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LG Stories July 28, 2020

Looking at the smartphone market, there aren’t many stories as unfortunate as LG’s. Well, aside from HTC. Anyway, LG once pushed the Android market forward in more ways than one, but just a few years later it felt like the company just couldn’t keep up or come up with anything on its own. The LG Velvet is a soft reset of the company’s mainstream smartphone, and it gets a lot right.

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LG Stories July 22, 2020

LG Velvet won’t be sold unlocked in the United States

A while after debuting internationally, the LG Velvet arrived in the United States today. Bad news, though. LG Velvet will only be sold through carriers, not unlocked.

LG Stories July 16, 2020

LG’s germ-killing, truly wireless earbuds have Google Assistant, launch in US for $149

Truly wireless earbuds are everywhere, and for the most part, you’ll get a similar experience from the vast majority of them. Today, though, LG has launched its Tone Free earbuds in the United States with a unique cleaning feature.

LG Stories June 29, 2020

[Update: T-Mobile] LG’s affordable Stylo 5 gets its Android 10 update

LG’s flagship smartphones aren’t nearly as popular as they once were, but the company has managed to deliver a bunch of budget devices which have proved very popular among consumers. That was the case for last year’s LG Stylo 5 and, now, that device is getting its Android 10 update.

LG Stories June 24, 2020

When it comes to looks, performance, and just overall quality, budget smartphones have come a long way. LG’s Stylo lineup has proved very popular in the affordable market, but is the new LG Stylo 6 still worthwhile? Well, it hits two of the three checkboxes mentioned above. Let’s talk.

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LG Stories June 15, 2020

LG’s latest attempt in the smartphone space launched earlier this year in the LG Velvet, but the company was pretty quiet on how widely the phone would be available. Now, the LG Velvet has been confirmed to launch in Europe, North America, and several other regions around the globe.

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LG Stories June 10, 2020

LG Velvet pops up w/ two-year-old Snapdragon 845 in some regions, 4G only

The LG Velvet marks a new era for the South Korean smartphone maker, and now the company appears to be releasing a new variant. An “LG Velvet 4G” just popped up in some regions packing a Snapdragon 845 chipset under the hood.

LG Stories June 3, 2020

LG’s Android 10 update has rolled out to 2 years of flagships

Over the past few years, LG has been in hot water pretty often when it comes to Android updates. The company announced an “Update Center” which did essentially nothing, but slowly, LG is getting better. Right now, the company deserves a bit of credit: LG has rolled out Android 10 to the past 2 years of its flagship phones.

LG Stories May 26, 2020

[Update: Verizon, not so timely] LG V60 ThinQ gets April security update on time

LG is capable of producing some good hardware, but the company’s track record for software support is downright awful. In a bright moment full of hope, though, we’re now seeing the company start pushing out the April security update for its LG V60 ThinQ.

LG Stories May 19, 2020

LG Stylo 6 goes official w/ 6.8-inch display, built-in stylus, available for $179

LG’s budget Android smartphones often fly under the radar, but the company’s affordable Stylo lineup has proved quite popular in the past. Today, the LG Stylo 6 has gone official with a bigger display, better specs, and more for a very affordable price point.

LG Stories May 15, 2020

Android 10 now rolling out for the AT&T LG V40

While the European LG V40 ThinQ is set to get updated to Android 10 at some point in Q3 2020, AT&T subscribers in the US are now reportedly seeing the OTA hit their devices.

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