LG Stories April 10

LG Velvet gets Android 11 in the US, Verizon first in line

The LG Velvet is the company’s last mainstream premium smartphone, but even with the company pulling its resources from the smartphone business, updates are still rolling out. This week, Android 11 was spotted rolling out to the LG Velvet in the United States.

LG Stories April 8

After LG shut down its smartphone division this week, they were quick to mention that phones currently on the market wouldn’t immediately be abandoned. Rather, updates to Android 12 are on the docket. Now, to further lessen concerns, LG is promising three years of Android updates to its premium smartphones. Sound familiar?

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LG Stories April 7

Perhaps the biggest story in smartphones so far this year has been LG’s departure from the market. The company is set to close its doors soon on over two decades of mobile experience, and it leaves behind some unfinished projects. After the announcement went official, images of the unreleased LG V70 and the anticipated Rollable hit Twitter, showing what the company had in store for 2021.

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LG Stories April 6

Now that LG is officially pulling its hat out of the smartphone ring, it leaves questions as to how the company’s departure will affect the market. At the high end, it doesn’t seem like much will change, but the story is completely different in the prepaid market, where LG’s departure is going to have a huge impact.

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LG Stories April 5

LG just announced that it would kill off its money-losing smartphone business this year, leaving many to wonder what the outcome might be for phones already in the hands of consumers. According to LG, software updates will continue, and the company even detailed an optimistic plan for Android 12.

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It’s over. LG announced last night that it will be pulling out of the global smartphone market in the next few months. In a way, it’s sad to see, but it also comes as no surprise, given the downward trajectory we’ve seen from LG for the past several years. On that note, do you even remember the last time you were excited for an LG phone?

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