LG Stories September 5

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After spending some time with the LG V30 in New York City last month, I was excited to use it as my daily driver back home. Over Labor Day weekend, I got the chance to do just that, and the phone has made a lasting impression on me.

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LG Stories September 1

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The LG V30 was announced earlier this week, and it’s already been met with some mixed feelings. While many (myself included) are excited to try out its professional-grade video capabilities, many longtime fans of the V series are disappointed by LG ditching the iconic secondary displays and rugged designs of previous generations.

No matter your feelings on the V30, though, it’s gearing up to be one of the best phones of 2017, and this week’s Friday 5 takes a look at some of the reasons you might want to consider getting your preorder in.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

LG’s V30 is now official and it’s going to end up being a pretty fantastic option for a lot of buyers, but LG has been quiet so far on two very important details. Despite knowing everything about the phone itself, LG hasn’t officially stated when it will go on sale nor how much it will cost. While we still don’t have a concrete release date, LG has seemingly confirmed the pricing for the US market.

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The 128GB LG V30+ will be coming to the United States via Sprint

The V30 was the star of the show for LG’s press conference at IFA yesterday, but alongside it the company also announced another phone in the form of the V30+. Thanks to an announcement from Sprint’s CEO, we now have confirmation that the V30+ will indeed be making its way to the United States.

LG Stories August 31

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LG officially unveiled the V30 to the world in the wee hours of the morning, and our initial hands-on time with the phone has been quite positive to say the least. The software on the V30 remains mostly unchanged from the G6, but as with the majority of phones, the V30 brings a ton of new wallpapers to spruce up its look. If you want to give your own device some of the V30’s aesthetic right now, you can download the official new wallpapers right here.

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LG’s latest flagship has officially arrived in the V30, and it’s an impressive device across the board. We’ve already called it one of our favorite devices on the market, and everything you’ll see on paper supports that. However, there are some interesting things about the V30 that aren’t obvious at a glance, so let’s take closer look.

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