LG Stories June 21

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A new report out of Korean media today says that LG is planning to introduce its latest-generation flagship V30 at IFA in Berlin. If the report turns out to be true, this will mark the first time that a V-series flagship from the Korean company is introduced at the IFA expo…

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LG Stories June 15

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Most consumer electronics, including smartphones, come with a limited one-year warranty. LG is stepping it up a notch today by announcing something that it calls the Second Year Promise. Now, instead of your G6 only being covered for a single year, it will be covered by LG for two…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

The latest Kantar market share data shows that Samsung, LG and Moto all experienced year-on-year declines in U.S. sales. The firm noted that neither Samsung’s S8 or LG’s G6 made the list of top-10 selling phones in the three-month period ending in April.

News for Samsung was particularly disappointing …

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LG Stories June 13

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Although we are still several months out from an official announcement, yesterday we got news that “muskie,” believed to be the Pixel XL 2, was being shelved. Then we found information that suggests that “taimen,” a larger smartphone being developed, is being manufactured by LG. Would you purchase the second generation Pixel XL if it were being made by LG?

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LG Stories June 12

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A report earlier today suggested that Google shelved “muskie” — the presumed Pixel XL successor — in favor of a another rumored device codenamed “taimen.” After digging into the Android Issue Tracker, we now have reason to believe that LG might be the manufacturer of this larger phone.

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LG Stories June 9

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How to take a screenshot on the LG G6

Knowing how to capture a screenshot is something that all LG G6 owners should know how to do. While LG allows users to capture a screenshot using Android’s default method using the physical power and volume buttons, there is also a way to take one using the G6’s Capture+ software which can be easier to use for some.

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