LG Stories February 26

MWC officially kicked off today, but that didn’t stop a number of Android device manufacturers from announcing their latest flagship smartphones over the weekend. So far, we’ve seen new phones from Samsung, LG, Sony, and even Nokia.

Have any of these phones caught your eye or are you waiting for something else?

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LG Stories February 24

LG V30S ThinQ Specs: Some additional RAM and lots of AI

LG has officially unveiled the V30S ThinQ, a phone that marginally bests its predecessor. Although it looks and feels like last year’s V30 in almost every way, the V30S brings with it a slight RAM spec bump to 6GB and includes some nifty new AI tricks.

LG Stories February 16

Reports earlier this year detailed how LG ordered a restart of its 2018 flagship plans as the company releases more revisions on existing devices. Today, we have new details and specs on an upcoming LG flagship device codenamed “Judy.”

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

LG Stories January 31

If you recall, LG was sued last year as a result of several of their devices being affected by bootloops. It was a nasty issue that LG didn’t handle correctly at all, causing many LG owners to join in on the suit. Now, everything is over, and the affected users have won.

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LG Stories January 29

Google Camera HDR port now works with wide-angle cameras on LG’s smartphones

Google’s camera application may not pack a lot of features, but the company’s work in software has been nothing short of incredible. Thus, developers have gone through the work needed to port that camera app to other phones, and now, it’s picking up better support for LG devices.

LG Stories January 15

At CES, LG announced that it was breaking away from its annual smartphone launch cycle and instead release more variants to boost product longevity. A new report today points to more upheaval for LG’s next flagship and possibly future devices.

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