Google announced today on its Google Drive blog that it’s rolling out a new update to its Google Keep note taking app that will introduce both time and location based reminders. After updating to the latest version of the app, users will be able to select a small reminder icon at the bottom of each note and select from a time reminder to set a specific date and/or time of day, or a location-based reminder that provides suggestions for nearby destinations as you type. The feature will let users ‘snooze’ the reminders if they choose, and the update also brings a new and improved navigation drawer for the app:

Of course, sometimes plans change. If you get a reminder you’re not ready to deal with, simply snooze it to a time or place that’s better for you. It’s now even easier to get to all of your notes using the new navigation drawer, which includes a way to view all of your upcoming reminders in one place. And for people who want more separation between their home and work lives, the drawer also lets you easily switch between your accounts.

Google Keep will also now allow users to attach photos from their device’s photo gallery opposed to just being able to snap a new picture:

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The updated Google Keep apps should be hitting Google Play and elsewhere soon.

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