A common misconception about Google Glass is that it uses eye-tracking as a form of control. It uses head gestures, but can’t actually tell where you’re looking – unless you install this OpenShades hack.

The hack uses a $25 webcam and infra-red LEDs to track your eye movements. Linking this to a web keyboard interface allows you to effectively control a virtual keyboard with eye movements … 


A second hack uses a device known as MakeyMakey to create physical keyboard from, well, anything. Like a banana, for instance. Or, more usefully, embed keys into your clothing for when you want to control Glass more discreetly than with a spoken command or a tap on the headset itself.

The video is rather slow-going, but the tech is very, very cool.

Still don’t have your Glass? Google opened up its Explorer program to additional applicants a couple of days ago, though there are no guarantees.

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