Samsung’s description of a nine-minute video as a ‘quick look’ at the Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches may be about as accurate as its claim that they are everything users “loved” about the original Gear, but if you want to know everything the watches do and how to do it in full detail, this video is your friend.

The Galaxy S5 video (below the fold) is a little shorter, at a touch under eight minutes … 


These follow shorter introductory videos posted last week.

Samsung does seem to appreciate that not everyone will want to watch the whole things, and has helpfully posted links to the individual sections. Smartwatches:

Gear 2 1. Design and Hardware 2. Seamless Communication 3. Fitness and Wellness 4. Additional Features

Gear Fit 1. Design and Hardware 2. Fitness and Wellness 3. Instant Notification

And S5:

1. Design and Hardware 2. Powerful Advanced Camera 3. The Fastest Network 4. Fitness and Wellness 5. Useful & Convenient Features

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