Motorola Mobility announced today that Rick Osterloh, former Senior Vice President of Product Management to President and COO of the company.:

Rick is a Silicon Valley veteran and a familiar face across Motorola, where he has been leading all product management and helping to define the ‘go forward’ strategy for the past two years. Rick first joined the company 7 years ago when Motorola acquired Good, and he started Motorola down the Android path while managing product and engineering teams. Between stints here, Rick joined Skype, where he oversaw design and product for more than 250 million monthly users until it was acquired by Microsoft.

Last year Google announced that it would sell Motorola, which it purchased for $12.5 billion just a couple years prior, to Lenovo for just shy of $3 billion. That deal is still in the process of clearing regulatory approvals and will see Google hold onto “the vast majority” of Motorola’s patent portfolio as well as the Advanced Technology And Products group.

Following the deal with Lenovo, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside announced that he would be leaving after 10 years with Google to take on a role as CEO of Dropbox. When he finally left at the end of March, Google announced that long-time Googler Jonathan Rosenberg would take over as COO. Today’s announcement was made by Jonathan who said he’ll stick around as “Google liaison and advisor to Motorola through the transition period supporting Rick.” In his new role, Motorola said today that Osterloh will report to the Motorola Operating Board at Google until the acquisition to Lenovo is complete.

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