Glass may now be available to all US adult residents willing to pay the price, but that doesn’t mean that people in other regions aren’t sampling Google’s famous wearable computer. The Dubai police force is currently performing real world testing of the high-tech eyewear, hoping that it will help its officers when dealing with unruly motorists or wanted vehicles.

In addition to using the device for directions and audio recordings, officers equipped with Glass would be able to upload evidence photos and videos to the department’s database while remaining in the field. If permanently adopted, the Dubai police force could develop unique apps for Glass that could further help law enforcement agents with their day to day duties. Just imagine fast access to images of missing children or wanted suspects.

While this all sounds great in theory, Dubai’s police force is still just testing the waters. If officials can identify practical uses for Glass, the wearable may one day become a part of an officer’s standard gear.

(via Gulf News)

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