Google Glass Stories January 8

While Google’s consumer AR efforts have been in the mysterious background as of the last few years, another company, Vuzix, has gone full steam ahead toward building the consumer AR glasses that many have been envisioning since Glass gave this category its kickstart. While it’s not there yet, the company’s Vuzix Blade, being shown off at CES 2019, is inching ever closer…

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Google Glass Stories November 27, 2018

Earlier this month, the FCC revealed Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with essentially the same design as its predecessor. While the first-generation of work-focused glasses were only announced last summer, we have been tracking their development since 2015. Due for an upgrade, possible specs for the second-generation wearables have now surfaced.

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Google Glass Stories November 14, 2018

Google introduced Google Glass Enterprise Edition last summer, more than two years after we first broke the news on the device’s existence. Since then, the company has been working on a followup to that enterprise-focused mixed reality headset with some minor tweaks in tow. Today, that device passed through the FCC and we’re getting our first peek at a rough sketch.

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Google Glass Stories June 29, 2018

Google today published the schedule of events for its Cloud Next 2018 conference, and among the many talks is one titled “AI on Google Glass Drives the Factory to the Future”. Yes, that’s right, Google Glass Enterprise Edition is making the cut as the subject of an entire talk at a Google event.

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Google Glass Stories February 27, 2018

At Mobile World Congress 2018, Google launched ARCore and highlighted how it supports 100 million Android devices. However, the company is also looking beyond phone-based augmented reality according to Rick Osterloh. In an interview, Google’s hardware head noted ongoing research, but no imminent products.

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Google Glass Stories February 6, 2018

Google Glass has devolved into nothing more than a meme. What was once a genuine — and quite frankly, noble — attempt at building the first mainstream augmented reality glasses, is now the butt of every AR joke. But whatever you think of it, Glass has one thing going for it. Every single pair of AR glasses that come out in the coming years (and yes, I would bet my right eye that we’re going to see lots of these things) is going to be compared to it, and that includes a mysterious new pair from Intel.

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