Following earlier reports that Google was working on projects to bring WiFi hotspots to locations across North America, The Information is out with a report today claiming Google is planning “heavily subsidized Wi-Fi network hardware and software to small and medium-sized retail businesses.” 

The report claims Google will offer the service to businesses like restaurants, doctors’ offices and gyms and could unveil it for customers in the U.S. and elsewhere as early as this summer:

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Google would provide commercial-grade WiFi access equipment at a steep discount, enabling small businesses to dramatically improve the WiFi service they offer to customers.

Earlier this year we heard reports that Google was planning WiFi hotspots for the US and Canada in addition to testing a new iOS and Android app that lets users easily join public WiFi hotspots like those it recently rolled out at Starbucks. A later report showed documentation for Google’s Fiber service mentioned plans for WiFi services for interested cities, but its unclear if the new WiFi service for businesses is related.

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