Samsung has no shortage of smartwatch and wearable products for the wrist with its Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit products, but The Wall Street Journal reports the company is about to introduce yet another this summer. However, the big differentiator this time around will apparently be that the watch will act as a standalone device and come with its own SIM card. It will allow users to make calls, take photos and more without having to be connected to a companion smartphone like Samsung’s other smartwatch products. 

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Samsung Electronics Co. is making another run at that perennial technogeek dream, the wrist communicator, with plans to unveil a smartwatch that works as a stand-alone phone in the next few months… Samsung’s watch-phone will be able to make and receive calls without being tethered to a smartphone, something most smartwatches on the market now can’t do, according to people familiar with the company’s plans. It will also take photos, send email and come with GPS, Bluetooth and a heart monitor, the people said

Also interesting is the fact that the device will apparently be running Samsung’s Tizen OS rather than Android. Samsung recently decided to put Tizen on its new Gear smart watches, so it will be interesting to see if Samsung sticks to Tizen for its wearables and whether or not it will embrace Google’s new Android Wear platform at the same time.

No word on what the device will be called, but the report notes Samsung is shooting for a June/July release and is currently in talks with carriers in the US and abroad.

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