A few months back, YouTube launched its own weekly radio show on SiriusXM and today the Google-owned video sharing company announced a follow up program that will start airing on November 21st. Furthering its partnership with the satellite radio heavyweight, YouTube EDM 15 will run on BPM, the broadcasting outfit’s electronic dance channel.

This weekly show will be hosted by electronic dance music DJ team The Chainsmokers and its programming will be influenced by what’s hot on YouTube. After its launch, the show will broadcast every Friday at 5pm PT and will reply at various times throughout the week.

YouTube sure seems to be making several stops on the way to its own music streaming service. Perhaps the company is dipping its toe in the pool to test the waters before diving in. Google’s video streaming outlet has yet to give a solid launch date for its music service, however its currently entertaining the idea of offering paid subscription plans in place of its ad-fueled revenue setup.

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