OnePlus has announced via its blog that it’s going to be rolling out an important OTA software update for its OnePlus 2 users. OxygenOS 2.1.0 for OnePlus 2 will be pushed to a small percentage of users today, with a wider rollout beginning tomorrow…

Along with the usual bug fixes, OnePlus has included a handful of notable improvements in OxygenOS 2.1.0. Perhaps most important is a new manual mode in the default camera app. Although the OnePlus 2 can take great shots in automatic mode, manual mode will let customers fine-tune how their images look, giving a much more precise end result. The company has also included RAW support for third party camera apps. If your favorite photography app supports RAW, you’ll be able to get even better, sharper images than before on the OnePlus 2.

As well as camera-based improvements, OnePlus has added a slider to adjust the color temperature of the screen. What that means is that if you feel the colors — or more specifically, the whites — on your screen are too cold (blue) or warm (red/orange/yellow), you can adjust it to meet your personal preference.

Those of you with Microsoft Exchange accounts will be pleased to know, OxygenOS now has Exchange support too. OnePlus has also patched up some problems which caused some third party apps to crash, and built in some “telephony service improvements” so that there’s no lag when you toggle airplane mode on or off.

If you have a OnePlus 2, check for software updates the usual way through the settings menu. If there’s nothing there, you’ll most likely need to wait until tomorrow, when the company begins the broader roll out.

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