In September, to coincide with the beginning of the school year, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides added the ability to use a template to start a document. Previously restricted to the web, an update rolling out starting today adds the same ability to Android and iOS apps.

Clicking on add new button in the apps will now show an option to choose a template instead of immediately opening a new doc. To access the templates you need to be within the specific Drive apps; they cannot be accessed via the main Drive app. Selecting that reveals a list of templates to choose from. The text of the templates are filled with Lorem Ipsum that you have to delete before adding your own writing. The templates vary from plain resumes to complicated brochures and newsletters in Docs.


The Drive apps are already one of the apps more geared for tablet use, especially for the recently released Pixel C. However, today’s Docs update on iOS still. does. not. add. multitasking. support.

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